Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fun College Courses aka Continuing Education

I've been tossing around the idea for a while of taking a course or two a year in something that sounds like fun: watercolor, cooking, art history, Spanish. Heck, I even have a friend who took a course in beekeeping. How cool is that? There are absolute tons of colleges, universities, and community colleges around here, and the offerings are pleasantly varied.

I just saw at the site a course on the Trans-Siberian Railroad that I think my Dad would enjoy.

I already have several obligations (mostly training dates/tiimes) that prohibit me from attending some of the multi-week sessions, but there are several that are just one or two sessions in length that I could work into other weeks.

What's available in your area?


CatBoy AKA Charles said...

Beekeeping sounds fun, and i think that'd be a great opening line when meeting new people. (And there's the cool wardrobe.)

cencispice said...

I will have to check out the local offering.

I can say that art history classes are just wonderful. I was an art history major in college.
My inspiration came from an into course where the lecture was titled 'the hunks of art history' the instructor had a great sense of humor, and indeed there were lots of hot men in classical art.

Anonymous said...

there are several hundred colleges and universities within 45 minutes of my home. i've signed up and then cancelled three different Flash classes. My guy has to learn it to teach his kids so we sign up to do it together, and then we get busy and have to back out. i once took a intro to basket weaving class and an intro to the spinning wheel class. i don't have the time to weave stuff or to spin. i wish i did, or i'd take the classes and buy the stuff. however, i need to start working on my +30, so that in 3 years i can make $75,000 a year.

my guy also spends time teaching entry level and continuing ed classes at a community college near us. he loves the continuing ed classes because people tend to be nicer. he teaches intro to the computer to people who are scared to turn the machine on and other more advanced classes.

vq said...

I read a fascinating article about bees and their keepers in the OC Register this week. Seems that there are fewer and fewer bees in the US and Canada (in a large part due to some kind of bee disease, but also because of Africanized bees), and it's causing problems. People wonder why their fruit trees and kitchen gardens aren't bearing, and part of the problem is that they aren't being polinated because of the bee shortage. The article said that most OC beekeepers keep their hobby a secret because neighbors are afraid of having hives in their neighborhoods (though of course they DO want their fruit trees to bear.) The people who were interviewed for the article belong to a group of beekeepers that meets in secret, and they refused to give their names for the article.