Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lotsa Stuff, I Think

It's super-nice to have 2 days off in a week again. Ahhhh.

Christmas went well. My younger sister brought her boyfriend to meet the family. She's never done that, so I guess it's serious. I'm happy for her as well as a bit jealous. I have nothing bad to say about him, though I didn't get to interact with or observe him enough to say yet whether or not I like him. Time will tell.

My nephew was adorable on Christmas. It was his 3rd Christmas that day, so he was fairly bouncing off the furniture by the time I saw him.

I received an air mattress to use in my car when I go camping. I also received some iTunes gift cards, some cash, and some kitchen stuff. Everything was great except the kitchen stuff. I keep telling my family not to get me kitchen stuff for Christmas or birthdays, but they won't listen.

I'm very concerned about the health and general well-being of a couple people on my staff. Of course I can't go into the details here, and their issues are personal in nature, but some people feel compelled to tell me some of the serious things that are happening in their lives.

I witnessed an auto accident this past Saturday. There are several verrrrry wonky one-way streets around here, and a lady in a mini-van was driving the wrong way down one of them at exactly the wrong time and was T-boned by a sedan whose light had just turned green. The driver of the sedan was injured, so I had to call 911 and try to keep the lady from moving around too much until the FD, PD, and ambulance came. Had it been a few seconds later, I would have been at that intersection, turning right. I'm not sure if the minivan was on the path to have hit me, but it does make one take pause.

I bought the first Season of Stargate: Atlantis on DVD. I absolutely love it. Currently I have a particular crush on the character named Dr. McKay. He's sort of like the character of House, actually, just without the cane, and he's a scientist instead of an MD. On TV the show is already in its 3rd season, but the DVD set of the 2nd season isn't due out until the very end of February. I wonder why there is such a delay. The music on the show is amazing. Check it out if you can.

My fishies are all doing well, as is Gracie. The crab is getting bigger, the snails are snailing away, and the fish are simply cute. Sometimes I'll put my finger in the water in my tank at home just so the smallest of the balloon bellied mollies will kiss it. Gracie was mad at me during December because I was only ever home to sleep and shower. I've been trying to spend quality time with her in the past week so that she'll quit missing the litter box 'accidentally'. She likes to watch DVDs with me.

Of course, I can't remember 80% of what I wanted to say. Many times each day something will happen and I'll say to myself, "That was blog-worthy. I should write about that tonight.", and then I forget about it by the time I sit here to type.

If you're all very good people and post me lots of comments, I just may post a picture or two of that book I created about my trip to Glacier.

Now, go confidently in the direction of your dreams........sorry, I can't remember who said that.....


emma said...

REspighi, Glad you had a good Christmas (with or without the kitchen gifts) and an air mattress for your Honda element???? YAY!

"The crab is getting bigger, the snails are snailing away, and the fish are simply cute. Sometimes I'll put my finger in the water in my tank at home just so the smallest of the balloon bellied mollies will kiss it."

You are very strange.

All the best in the New Year

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

Strange? When I go to my favorite nursery (the kind with plants not children), they have a koi pond and I always visit the fish and let them chew on my fingers. You aren't any stranger than I am.

You feel worse now, don't you?

People are always buying me kitchen crap too. There are two problems with this, the first being that while I enjoy cooking more than some people, that doesn't mean I want to do it constantly, and the second is that I have a small kitchen already filled with stuff I never use.

Out of curiosity, were you one of those people who as a child nobody ever told anything to? I'm asking because I was and now everybody tells me everything, including health issues, an upcoming divorce that not even the spouse knows is upcoming- All that sort of stuff.

Happy New Year.

Roger, the Elu said...

Kitchen gifts are a mixed bag, that's for sure.

That car wreck illustrates one of the things that they teach in the Defensive Driving course, to look both ways at every intersection whether or not you have the right-of-way and whether or not it's at a one-way street. One can be totally in the right and still dead.


jilly said...

allan taught me that fish like frozen peas, he was right.

my mom always gets me cook books for christmas, even though i tell her that cooking is a waste of time and money for me as my guy doesn't eat leftovers of any kind. it's useless to cook exactly 2 portions, and i don't want to mess with cooking and then freezing.

last week a car was close to the back of my car on on I 70 and i didn't care until i had to hit the brakes, that car swereved to miss me and hit a semi. i hit the gas and missed being hit by the car after it was tossed off the semi and into a spin. i wish people would be safer on the road.

i hope you find a way to solve the work problem. you're a good boss, so i'm sure you will.

please do post pictures for us.

sparky said...

ok . I'll add to the comments . I'd reallly like to see your glacier book . The balloon bellied mollies sound pregnant to me. Mollies are live bearers so if you see them get thin they likely gave birth. The fry will likely be eaten if you have other fish in the tank, Hell, fish are disgusting . even the mollies would eat their own young , If you want to breed them you can get this thing called a breeding trap that hangs in the tank and keeps the fry separate from the adult fish including the mother, Its slotted so aquarium water flows thru it . Look into it . Live bearers are very easy to raise and will take flake food right away . Some egg layers have fry that are miniscule and you have to feed them infusorium . The only egg layers I bred as a kid were siamese fighting fish (bettas ) and that is extremely interesting but you have to have a separate small tank to do it . Anyway , I should own an Aquarium. Sometimes I forget how much junk I know about fish . There , now lets see that glacier book , thanks , allan

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

I am still dealing with my flu/whatever it is and I am bored, so I googled your closing line and identified it as Thoreau, which you may have remembered by now.

Anyway, that's it. Now, I shall google my name spelled backwards.

Catz said...

glad your christmas went well.