Sunday, January 21, 2007

Karma & Cumin

Someone was verrrrrrry nasty to me on the phone tonight at work. This is payback because I was nasty on the phone last Saturday night with the apartment maintenance voicemail. Lesson learned.

Someone please tell me how to imbed links in my blog. I've mentioned this spice company before, but I'll mention it again. has THE BEST spices ever. They have a store several miles from here, and I can drop serious money each time I go in there, so I've been putting it off. I need the cumin, which I can get in a larger bag there, and I need garlic salt. Their vanilla sugar is to die for, especially when liberally sprinkled on fresh ripe strawberries, though it's quite expensive. The spices in general are priced much less than the crap you'd find in the grocery stores, so check it out some time if you get the chance.

Spices make food worth eating.

It's still raining here. I hope the lakes fill up to the brim so that we won't have water shortages in the summer.

That's about all, I think. I'm going to watch the first half of season 3 of Battlestar Galactica.


CatBoy AKA Charles said...

To place links in your blog, highlight the text you are attaching the link to, and press the button on your toolbar that has a green blob that is supposed to be the Earth with the little indistinct chain across the top, ie: links.

When the new window opens up, type in or paste the address.

Okay, I was able to answer that one, but if you need any help editing html, be warned that I wing that sort of thing and hope for the best. (Same way I take pictures, pretty much.)

And you are right. I have ordered from Penzey's catalog and even with shipping, the spices are cheaper than Spice Islands and McCormick, etc. and they are fresher tasting. I Haven't placed an order in a while, but I used to use their paprika quite a lot.

Jenny Robin said...

I don't have a green blog or a world on my blog entry page. I have a spell check thing and a photo thing, so I can spell check and add photos, but not links. Where exactly is the thing located that you're talking about?

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

Oh. I am using beta blogger, which may have a different tool-bar. Maybe the older version didn't have that.

At the top of your toolbar, is there the option to flip between compose and edit html? If there is you can insert a link manually. Click on the edit html and enter the following, where the link would appear in your post.


The address goes where URL appears, and the link name you want to appear on the page goes where TEXT appears.

For example a link to me would look like this-


PS. I looked this up in blogger's help section, I didn't just happen to know it.

I hope that works.

emma said...

Make your OWN vanilla sugar. Buy a vanilla bean, split it open and scrape down the middle and get all the seeds on the back of your knife. It the seeds AND the beans to a pound of sugar you've put in a glass cannister. Let it hang out there for a few days then use it---it's heavenly in coffee too.

jilly said...

Emma is too homey for me.

every year i start a spice garden and every year the cat eats it and i'm left with nada.

sparky said...

Res , you DO have a thing that looks like a chain link on blogger . Look for it again . Heres the steps 1. Highlight address from the address box of the site you want to transfer and COPY(highlight it when that page is the top window on your screen otherwise it wont be the right address) . 2. Highlight but don't copy (just highlight ) a word or two you want to be a link . on the chain link . A box will come up . ex out the http thing thats in it ( if its there) .4. enter the copied address into the box . 5. click on OK or whatever it says and that should be it . go back to your typing .

I also sometimes just drag the heart over to the post I'm writing and deposit it there . I hope you know how to drag the heart . If you don't go to the heart on a page . Click on it . continue to hold the clicker down and drag the heart with your cursor to the post you are typing . Release the clicker and it should leave the link on your post . My only problem with this method which lets face it way easier is it sometimes only leaves an address but not a hyperlink that people can just click on meaning any of the lazy people you know will have to make a bit of an effort and copy the address and put it in the address box to get to the site . Many people these days need instant gratification and scoff at having to do this chore . Depending on the kinds of people you know you may or may not want to use this method . Sometimes dragging the heart will leave a hyper link that can just be clicked on and when that happens it always gives me a little thrill . Thats about it . allan

Anonymous said...

Gosh, That'd make a great bumper sticker. "Spices Make Food Worth Eating" Wow, that's about as American as it gets!