Thursday, January 25, 2007


Had Sunday lunch at parents' house. Listened to ridiculous mother state that she thinks Barack Obama is the anti-Christ and also that she thinks the entire Bible should be interpreted literally. Since that means my father will be selling me off into slavery, I'm afraid I won't be able to post for much longer.

Helped to pack up a store that has closed. Got a good workout. Bought lunch for 17 people. Hooray for company credit cards.

Took final vacation day for PTO year 2006. I went shopping at a mall in the north country with a friend. I was also able to finally find some black work shoes. I blow through shoes every 3 months if they're not super sturdy. I went grocery shopping and spent $117 on food that will last me several weeks. Yummy.

Took a personal day. Went shopping with same friend at NorthPark Mall. I didn't buy anything but dinner at P.F. Chang's.

Today. Took another personal day. I drove to Dublin, TX to get some Dr. Pepper made with Imperial Pure Cane sugar. I've posted about this stuff before. You can buy it here in town, but it's $2/bottle, and it's $16/case of 24 bottles at the bottling plant. It makes a nice day trip to go down there, look around the supercute store, buy some cases, and drive home.

Tonight I made tostadas for dinner. All you need is a can of good quality refried beans, some tostada shells, cheese, and lettuce. It's easy and cheap.

I've been playing chess against my computer. I have to place the settings at a very low level, or it beats me in about 20 moves. I hope to build up to an acceptable level of play over time. I'm just not very patient about it, though. I make my moves very quickly. If I were to take more time I'm sure I'd fare better. But I just don't want to take the time. Know what I mean?


CatBoy AKA Charles said...

The bible . . . Have you ever really read that book? According to the bible, men aren't supposed to shave and no one is supposed to eat pork. Like I'm going to go around with a beard, eating tukey bacon. Screw that.

I'm glad you had a couple of days off and I hope you committed at least a few the seven deadly sins.

PS. Years ago, I saw some fool on TV who thought that Ronald Wilson Reagan was the Anti-Christ because his first, middle, and last names all had six letters in them.

emma said...

The bible is a storybook, not to be taken literally.

I think I've seen that Dr Pepper place either on the Travel Channel or Food TV

sparky said...

First time I heard that reagan theory Charles and God damn I bet he was the anti christ ! When 666 comes up I don't mess around . Thats a bad sign . Ron Reagan , gee whiz , who would of thought ? I wonder if Ronny did a rosemarys baby thing on Nanacy making patty and ron jr what? Now that I'm thinking about it do you ever see the baby in Rosemarys Baby or is it just left up to the imagination its a devil child? allan

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Thanks for the tostada recipe. Look at all the great deals in your blog! (Are you Jewish?)