Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vacation Days 2, 3, and 4

Day 2 was Saturday
I had rehearsal until 5pm. It was lovely, honestly because only 1 of the brass techs were there. I'm not fond of our sectional time lately, unless I am running it. We mellophones got new parts to our opener...more notes, kinda difficult in a couple spots...very cool. The solo in Unforgettable went well for me. It's in 12/8 time, and I was struggling with some of the rhythms a couple weeks ago, so I lived and slept with the music and have it down and sounded great on all run throughs, except, of course, the last one which we recorded. The range on the solo is very high and my chops were giving out by the end of the day.

After rehearsal a big group of us went to have dinner at Good Eats. It is really the only nearby restaurant to our rehearsal site that is a sit-down kind of place. They always mess up our checks and take forever with our orders, but it's a small town, so I guess there is nothing to be done.

I came home and did some work then went to sleep.

Day 3 was Sunday
I did some work and then went to my parents' house for lunch. During lunch my cell phone went crazy with lots of text messages dropping in. It seems that every text from the prior 2 days was being delivered all at once. Guy had been apparently trying to contact me about meeting up with him. So, I called Guy to assure him I hadn't been ignoring him and to explain the text debacle. Then I made my way to his house where he showed me around and we relaxed with a nice bottle of wine. Guy bought the house from his grandfather and had it remodeled. There is a real working well on the property, which I think is super-cool. The house was built in '46. Guy drew up a design of how he wanted the house to be, and he had it built/remodeled to be that way. I really like it and think he and his contractors did a fabulous job.

After a while, the two of us met up with my sister and her fiance' to grab a bite to eat and make our way to one of their favorite pubs. I had a fabulous time! I got to meet two other friends of theirs, including the lady who is my sister's matron of honor. I adored these new friends, and they liked me as well. We all really enjoyed ourselves. I drank way too much, but I wasn't driving so I didn't care. My sister and her matron of honor and I all cried when my sister was retelling how she burst into tears when she found just-the-right wedding dress a couple of weeks earlier. I know I'm going to cry at her wedding...I just know I will....ack...

The men were very good not to laugh at us. We cry over weddings, and that's just all there is to it. Everyone except Guy and I had to work the next morning, so we all left.

Day 4 was Monday
I slept a lot yesterday; it was fantastic! I barely did any work at all because a few conference calls that I needed to be on were cancelled. Yay! I have been invited to game night on Friday at Guy's house, and I volunteered to either cook dinner for everyone or bring in some food. I feel that Guy shouldn't always have to pay for everything for me. I watched several episodes of Smallville season 7, which has gone a bit wacky. It's been so long since I watched any episodes that I think I missed some, or maybe even an entire season. I took a long long nap. I finally went to bed at 2am and slept until 8 this morning.

I can't wait til Friday.


vq said...

Jenny, you sound happy and busy--an excellent combination!

Spidey said...

sounds like this guy is a great guy. :)

UrbanStarGazer said...

Good to see you back! I got tired of coming and seeing the same entry that I had stopped coming.

Sounds like things are going well on all fronts -- good to hear. Hopefully 2010 will be a great year for you.