Friday, January 29, 2010

Less Vacation, More Work

I was on conference calls on Tuesday, had 5 more on Wednesday, had 2 interviews on Thursday, and on and on and on. I've gotten very little vacationing done in between the full workweek I've had. It's frustrating, but necessary...and maybe I'll be given a couple of days of vacation next week to compensate.

At work we realigned the regions and districts, and I applied to be permanent DM of a district that covers the Ft. Worth stores, all of Oklahoma including 4 Waldenbooks stores, Arkansas, and a couple stores in Missouri including one Waldenbooks. This is very exciting, because if I get this position I will be an actual permanent real DM, not just an Interim DM. I interviewed with 2 people yesterday and will be interviewing 2 more times on Tuesday. I will have a final answer by the end of next week.

I haven't gotten any of the cleaning and tidying done that I wanted to. I plan on doing some today. I was able to run a couple of my errands, and today I need to get my hair cut and go get a new phone. I want one with a full keyboard that is easily used to text.

I've watched a lot of movies with Guy the past couple of days. I'm just letting things be for now, and so is he, so it's a no pressure situation. That is very refreshing. A group of us are supposed to meet at his house this evening for game night. I love love love love love playing games, be it board games, logic puzzles, Wii games, jigsaw puzzles, or anything else like that. My sister and her fiance will be there, and perhaps other people too. I don't really know how their game night works. I'm really looking forward to it.

I have 3 days of vacation left, and I plan to make the most of them. So...I'd better get crackin'!


vq said...

Jenny, if you don't have the game "Time's Up," you simply MUST get it for your gaming friends.

It's been a staple of Hallie's social life since high school. About two or three times a year, she has a huge get-together at our house and word gets out and we might get twenty people here! This is the game they play! They simply refer to it as "The Game." As in, "Hey everybody, we're playing The Game next Friday night!"

It's kind of a combination of Password and Charades. You have a partner, as does everyone else around the table, who sits across from you. A stack of cards, each with a name on it, is passed around the table. When the stack comes to you, you have a very limited amount of time to get your partner to guess the name you're looking at as you pick up each card. If your partner guesses one, your team gets to keep that card for a point, and the stack is passed on to the next person without the cards that your team got.

It's played in rounds, and the first round you can say anything you like to get your partner to guess. For example, "He's the actor who played the captain of the Starship Enterprise." But the second round (using the same cards), you can only give a one word clue, say "Enterprise," and the third round, you can't give any verbal clue at all, only gestures or facial expression or humming a tune, or whatever! That's when it gets silly!

SO much fun! And you can buy boxes of new cards, when you've played the other ones so much they're all memorized (like Hallie and her friends.)

Get it--they'll LOVE it!

Jenny Robin said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Verbie. It does sound wonderful!

An update: due to the snow/ice issues presently in town, everyone bailed on game night, so they're all meeting at a bar in downton FW instead. Why there is a better situaiton in driving to a bar where you'll get tipsy/drunk versus to a person's house where you could stay over if the weather got bad...well, that's beyond my understanding.

I'm heading over to FW as soon as my new cell phone finishes charging. If I get tipsy or if the roads are too bad to drive the 45 minutes home, there are big plenty people who will let me stay over at their house.

Jilly said...

i like game night too. my guy is a huge risk fan, and i like connect four or sorry! we play a lot of card games, mainly spades or 500 rummy.

Spidey said...

cribbage. the game at my house out in the garden on summer nights. i miss it.

UrbanStarGazer said...

For the vacation days when you worked (i.e., th conference calls) -- you're not still claiming them as vacation days, are you?

In California, if you're a salaried employee and work any part of any day you get paid in full for the day. So, if you are on vacation and have to work or sit on a conference call, even for 5 minutes, they have to pay you for the day and not deduct it from your vacation/PTO. Most of my vacation days I don't even put in PTO because I know I'll be manning my Blackberry.

I personally only count it as a PTO day if I only have to work less than an hour. If I work more than that or take more than that amount of time answering emails, I don't count it.