Saturday, January 16, 2010

Heat Wave

I was laughing at myself this week because I was running around Tulsa without a jacket on when the temp was 45 degrees. Everything is relative; it had been so cold there the past couple of weeks that 45 degrees felt comfortable. The ice and snow are melting quickly, and it's nice not to don a coat every day. Dirty ice and snow is so ugly that I'll be glad when it's all melted away...and it's not even my town.

On the music side of things: I am going to arrange another few pieces of music for my mellophones. The next one is going to be an arrangement of "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey, but I'll be using the Glee soundtrack version to base my arrangement upon. I've never watched Glee, but the soundtrack is great. Actually, it's volume 1. Volume 2 is now out, but I haven't bought that one yet.

I need to get a move on today. I slept in til 9:30 wow! And I've been dawdling since then. I start my vacation this coming Friday, but I have a feeling I will be working during most of it.


vq said...

Good to hear of the thaw in Tulsa!

(P.S. I answered your query about where my family lives in Tulsa, couple of posts down!)

Jenny Robin said...


I have both Tulsa stores as well as 2 other stores in Oklahoma, a store in Arkansas, and 3 stores in DFW.

I was just in Utica square on Tuesday night, treating myself to some PF Chang's!

Spidey said...

you have been spammed in your 1/11 post by some male enhancement stud.

Jenny Robin said...

yeah, I need to see how to delete comments. I don't get email notification when comments are posted here, so there is a great likelihood that there are more comments out there like that.