Friday, January 08, 2010

Rehearsal Tomorrow

So, I finished up the song I wrote for the mellophones. It has two parts, and I even wrote words. We'll see how it's received tomorrow. I hope everyone 'plays' along. ha ha ha!

I need to get in bed. It's frikkin cold here, but it was colder in Tulsa earlier today...8 degrees with a -3 wind chill. That's just stupid cold for these parts. I'm glad I bought an actual real winter coat last year before going to Michigan. It certainly came in handy today.

After rehearsal, everyone has been invited to the home of the same gentleman who has hosted the past two parties I've attended. He's such a sweetheart, and I'm looking forward to the entire day tomorrow, though I do need to get up really early and should be putting myself to bed right now.

Things are still good in the land of Guy, I think. He's busy working overnights at a hospital, so we haven't had a chance to talk again, but I'm certain we'll be able to meet up again soon. I must say I'm rather enjoying being silly about this. So very unlike me, and yet I wear it well, I think.....



vq said...

I'm a little worried about my Mom and Ian in Tulsa, Jenny. I hope my mom's pipes don't freeze. It just doesn't get that cold in Tulsa--I can't even remember the last time!

Jenny Robin said...

Where does your Mom live in Tulsa?

Jilly said...

it's actually warmer here right now than it's been in a few weeks. we rearranged our furniture, so i now sit far away from the heater and can finally appreciate it when someone bitches about me needing to turn the heat up. i talked to my guy about getting an electric blanket just for when i'm sitting at the computer. my breathing has improved since the clod snap broke, but i'm sure we'll get a new cold snap soon and i'll be sucking on my inhaor like it's going out of style.

i like that you're "in the land of guy" that's a good place to start the year. good luck.


vq said...

She lives near 41st and Harvard (kind of behind Edison H.S., which is where I went after we moved from Ft. Worth to T-town.) My sister J is in Ranch Acres--36th and Harvard area, and my other sister lives just off Swan Lake, near Utica Square. We're mid-town people. I love Tulsa!

Are you at that store over right off the BA Expressway?