Monday, December 01, 2008

Jimmy the Turtle

Here's Jimmy the Turtle.  Isn't he adorable?  He's lounging on my chair at home in this picture.
And here he is checking out the floor in my office at work.  What a cutie pie.


Jilly said...

we have lots of turtles here, they're raised and released into the wild. have you fed it chicken? that's what we feed ours. then again, they're probably different kinds of turtles. the state funds terp raising. the terps are usually kept in a large water tank and fed chicken and later taught to catch goldfish and eat them.


vq said...

I'd know that guy anywhere. He's a red-eared slider. They used to sell tiny ones for about a quarter in every dime store in America till they decided that they carry salmonella if they are under a certain size shell diameter, and then they disappeared.

Jimmy is a big one!

CatBoy said...

He is charming, and I appreciate his texting me on my birthday- that was a first.