Monday, October 27, 2008


I early voted today.  I'm going to be out of town, training a group of managers in St. Louis, on election day, so I returned from camping a day early so that I could vote today.  

There was a line, but the whole thing only took me 25 minutes (after I found a parking spot).  If the voting place had more volunteers, it would have gone even faster, as there were plenty of empty voting 'booths'.  

We use a touch screen system here in Texas, and it was quite well-done, I think.  There was a lady sitting at the exit door, asking people what the flashing red light at the end of the process meant.  I guess that's their way of checking to make sure people actually submitted their vote.  (The flashing red light says 'VOTE', and you're supposed to press it after you've reviewed your choices and are ready to submit them.)  I just bypassed that lady and walked on.  I guess it's a good thing she's there to check, because people may actually miss that BIG  FLASHING RED LIGHT with the word VOTE on it.  I suppose the older generations may find the whole touch screen/computerized process quite foreign, so I'm sure it was helpful to some, though I didn't see anyone gasp and run back to their voting booth.

Have you voted yet?


Jilly said...

since i get the day off of school to vote, i will vote then. i plan to vote yes to the 1.5 billion that my county is asking for in taxes, since they're just going to do it anyway no matter what. we're in a financial crunch and if we want things, we have to pay for them. i plan to vote no on slot maching gambling because i disagree of where 90% of the money goes to and worry about the social ills that are attached to the issue.

we also use a touch screen system here and have for about 8 years now, so i don't think there should be too many issues from that.


Gail said...

We voted about two weeks ago. The lines weren't long when we were there, but lots of people were coming in as we left. The news here is that there are waits up to 6 hours in the counties around Atlanta.

I'm just ready for the whole thing to be over.

CatBoy said...

I'm trying to vote, but one proposition is bugging me.

Jenny Robin said...

just vote no to prop 8 in california, charles.

CatBoy said...

You know I am going to you nut. I read somewhere that if lesbians stop getting married, it will kill the donut industry, since they are the biggest purchaser of donut wedding cakes. (You think it's Freudian?)

Jilly said...

i have never heard of a donut wedding cake, but then again, people in my family usually get married at the courthouse, if they get married.


CatBoy said...

It's more of a tower of donuts surrounded by flowers or some other decor than an actual cake, but they are popular with a lot of people.

vq said...

I'm scrapping around for a "No on 8" sign for my yard. Yorba Linda is FILLED with "Yes on 8" signs, and even marchers. Rumor has it that every last one of them is a Mormon, and that much of the money backing Prop 8 is Mormon money.

Why on earth do they care so much who someone else wants to marry? I mean, at least same sex marriages only involve TWO PEOPLE. Sheesh.