Sunday, October 05, 2008

Black Like Me?

I was called a n***er yestserday several times by a very unpleasant man in my store.  Of course, as soon as he saw he had an audience, he proceeded to repeat that several times, continue on to call me a fat bitch, use the f-word multiple times, and generally behave in a completely inappropriate manner.

My response to these folks is always the same.  I tell them their behavior is inappropriate and they must leave.  Then I take a step towards them and they take a step back.  They shout some more, call me more names, then I repeat what I said and take another step, and so on and so forth until they are out the vestibule doors.  They usually don't even realize what I'm doing while I step forward and make them step back.  

This guy caught on after about 3 steps, and he planted himself and dared me to make him leave.  By this time, four of my male employees had run up to the front to help me out.  Bless their hearts, I love those guys--in a totally work-appropriate and non-harassing way--for coming to my rescue.  I walked away and let my gentlemen handle it.  The guy soon left, but was shortly thereafter seen trying to make cars stop on the 6-lane road in front of the store so that he could cross to the other side in the middle of the block.

And the punchline for this non-joke is that the mean nasty man was African-American, and I'm not.  So I ask you, dear readers, am I supposed to be offended by his calling me the n-word, or shall I just continue to laugh at him inside my head for his obvious oversight of my whiteness?

Please advise.

Also, I'll post more State Fair stuff soon.


Spidey said...

i would be sad for the obvious mental illness.

Beanns37 said...

But, but, but... you're bleck (said in a bad So African accent by Joe Pesci). I've been called the N word but then I am at least part black. I have also been called racist by a black woman and I was like "um, but I'm black". People are just nuts I think.

CatBoy said...

There is no logic to this one- people say all sorts of things that make little sense.

And with regard to that specific word, I have no idea what it even means anymore. Black youth began using it in a "take it back" way, which led white youths (whom I regard as vaguely retarded) to start using it, and now I find the word more annoying than offensive.

Gail said...

I've never liked this word, I don't care who's using it. I've also called people on it who use it in my presence.

Jilly said...

i think you're brave for walking towards him. i've had to take many crisis negotiation courses for the kids i work with and we're told to NEVER approach them or get within an arm's distance until they're at a precrisis stage. the one time i didn't follow this advice i was hit, so I now listen to what they told me to do. i agree with spidey that this man was probably mentally ill. it's sad for him and the community and awful that it becomes your problem. now that it's starting to get cold, i'm seeing more crazy people at stores, i guess they have no where else to go until the shelters open.