Thursday, October 16, 2008

Going Camping

This is Lake Whitney State Park.  I took these pictures about a year and a half ago, after the area had received flood level rains.  

The campsites are all by the lake, which should be at an appropriate level now, unlike these pictures.

I'm looking forward to renting a canoe or kayak (depends on how many friends decide to join me), or even a jet ski, from one of the outfitters on the lake.  I also love to cook over an open fire, or better yet, make a complex meal that requires the use of a wood fire, a charcoal grill, and my small Coleman stove.

I also can't wait to lie in my hammock for hours and read or take long naps, go hiking, swimming, looking for deer, heck, maybe even fishing!  I've not gone fishing in a really long time.  And there is a fish cleaning station/house on the campgrounds.  I'll have to go and see how much a basic set of fishing 'stuff' would be.  Then I need to learn how to clean a fish!  

This is all becoming very exciting.


Gail said...

At least your lakes have water. Ours are drying up rapidly and the people who had lakefront property are now looking at a huge space of red clay.

Have fun.

Martha said...

Thought of you during our weekend in Bar Harbor. We went on a lighthouse boat tour. After your Hell at Sea descriptions, I was a little anxious, but we had nice calm water. A couple of seals popped up by the boat at one point!

Martha said...

Oh, and what I originally meant to say: have a wonderful camping trip - sounds like a blast!