Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tasty Tasty Camping Pictures

Above:  You are most likely wondering what this is.  I do know that it is animal innards and what could possibly be a baby of some kind.  I found this on a trek down to the lake.  It was still squishy, so was most likely killed the night before.  I also found blood in several places on the rocks in the surrounding areas, and two partially eaten arms with paws/claws intact.  My two guesses would be possum (which I saw plenty of at night) or raccoon (which I never did see, but heard trying to rummage through things at night).  Anyone know what this is?
Above:  Do you have any idea how impossibly difficult it is to take an in focus photo of a glowing pumping in almost pitch-black conditions?  Very difficult, apparently.  This was the best I could do without a tripod and in extreme low light.  I brought two pumpkins, and my friend and I both carved one.  My friend chose a ghost design on the packaging of the carving instruments.  I opted to create my own design.  I also toasted the pumpkin seeds when we were done scraping them out.  They were ok, but not my favorite.  When it got dark, we placed the pumpkins at the end of the drive to our campsite and set them aglow.  They looked incredible, and I'm rather proud that I was reasonably able to capture the shape of Texas.  It is very difficult to get it to the right proportions.
This is what my pumpkin looked like this morning.  We left them at the campsite for others to enjoy (or throw at each other).
Above:  This is an inlet at Lake Whitney.
Above:  And this was sunset on the first day.  Gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

The entrails on the lake shore appear to be those of a fish, with the larger piece the stomach, itself. Someone caught a fish and gutted it right there. Some entrails were likely tossed in the water, others left on rocks.

Beanns37 said...

Ok, the innards remind me of the Blair Witch Project, ick

I love the pumpkinds, Halloween is my favorite holiday :)

Spidey said...

the sunset photo is absolutely beautiful!

CatBoy said...

I'll defer to those who know more about entrails than I do.

That pumpkin is excellent- you must have had a lot of patience to do that. No way am I going to try to do California.