Sunday, June 22, 2008

Three-ish Days to go

I have a lot of work to pack into Monday and Tuesday.  Then I'm off Wednesday....and I leave Thursday!

I told my nephew I would send him postcards during my trip, and he ran off to get his mom to write down their address.  Now I just have to remember to actually do it.

I super-cleaned today, and need to do some super-picking-up-and-putting-away of things as well.

So, the 4400 has been dropped by their production company.  Nuts to them.  Though I imagine it's difficult to gain a loyal following when a show only produces 13 episodes per season.  I was interested in seeing how the promicin war played out, and what new things the writers would come up with.  Though, I was getting tired of looking at character Jordan Collier's long oily hair.  And that character's viewpoint of having everyone take the promicin shot and either die of develop an ability...he says it's so the world will be a better place and no one will outnumber or 'keep down' those with abilities.  But my question is:  if everyone has an ability, even if the abilities are different for each person, then we're right back to where we are now.  The character thinks he's leveled the playing field, but all he's done is switched to a new field.  Anyway, it hardly matters now.

At work I have proclaimed that Tuesday is Funky Shoes day.  We'll see what kind of fun shoes people wear to work that day.  I think I'll wear my orange/yellow/lime green KangaRoos.  Sounds nifty, eh?


CatBoy said...

I don't think I have any shoes that qualify as funky, unless you count the ones I was wearing when I tilled chicken manure into the soil.

I hope your staff does better than that.

Martha said...

Charles, that's an entirely different kind of funky.