Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Leave in Seven Days!

Exactly one week from today I leave on my 12-day trip to Maine.  I have been anticipating this trip for over a year and am excited it is almost here.

An update regarding yesterday:  a change of plans regarding certain things career-related.  I speak with someone tomorrow instead of us trying to squeeze it in yesterday.  Great opportunity, and that's all I will say.

Fish update:  there is still ick/ich in the aquarium at work.  I think it is almost gone, as I've been treating the tank for over a week and don't want to overtax the fish with the treatment.  They seem perky and happy as always, though, so I guess they're basically ok.

It has rained here the past 3 days...not all day, just a few showers, and it's wonderful to have that rain to help ensure our water sources don't drop too low during a hot Texas summer.  I cannot believe June is 2/3 finished.  Goodness.

I am off today and have great plans of thoroughly cleaning my apartment, watching The 4400 on DVD, and looking for a jacket to take to Maine...ahhh, relaxing simplicity.


CatBoy said...

I hope things work out in the career area however you wish them to. I am assuming it is a fairly big deal since you were just made a senior field training manager (I do pay attention) and this is an even bigger deal than that.

Does Borders elect a Prime Minister or something? Never mind, I know you can't talk about it yet.

I will talk to you before then, but I wish you the best on your trip; I know how much you have been looking forward to it.

Martha said...

Best of luck on the job front. I just know you're going to get the post of Grand High Poohbah!

As far as Maine is concerned, I am extraordinarily jealous. I miss Bah Hahbah! Please go have breakfast or dinner (or both) at Café This Way for me! Their blueberry pancakes are delish, and I love their Larry, Darryl and Darryl cocktail...though perhaps not with the pancakes.

CatBoy said...

I think you should drink a screwdriver with the pancakes- orange and blueberries work together well.

schell said...

Good luck, Res!

vq said...

The 4400 won't be back this year. :(
I'm sad.