Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Leave in Five Days

And just 3 days of work between now and then.

I think I have purchased almost everything I need for the trip except for stamps and a re-loadable Visa card.

I'm traveling with a friend, and we split the gas and hotel 50/50, but it's such a pain to pay cash from our kitty every time we stop for fuel, so we're each buying a $500 Visa card.  We'll be able to pay for gas at the pump, hotel, and any meals we want to share.  We both have a tendency to think we didn't pay our own share of things (awww, aren't we nice?...), so the cards will also help alleviate that.  And, it's a heckuva lot easier to carry around one card and some cash than a huge amount of cash.

Off to work I go...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very good idea, where the Visa card is concerned.

Maine is a gorgeous state filled with wonderful "tell it like it is" folks!

You're guaranteed to have a blast!