Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My New Crush

Colin Ferguson of Eureka.  I Netflixed the series and watched the pilot and first episode today before work (when I should have been cleaning, of course).  

I searched him on imdb and it turns out he's only 9 months older than I.  Why is it that I think everyone close to my age looks so much older than I do?  I had this man pegged for almost 40.  I am unforgivable.  Remind me never to enter into a discussion on age with anyone whose feelings I don't want to hurt.  Well now, that sounds all wrong, too.  

I'll just shush myself now and go to sleep.  I have a busy day of vacation-prepping tomorrow!  I leave for Maine in 28 hours.  Ohhh, I can't wait!

...and I'm too old to have crushes.  But at least I don't look like I'm too old to have crushes, hah!


CatBoy said...

You're never too old to have crushes. Ask Martha.

Martha said...

'Tis true.

Jenny Robin said...

Charles, I think you just implied that Martha is old. You're in trouble, now, big boy.

CatBoy said...

I am older than both of you (not put together) and we all know that.

Jenny Robin said...

right you are, gramps