Sunday, November 09, 2008

Zicam is Bliss; Comfort Inns is Bust; Bigger Boss Visit

A few months ago I found this wonderful OTC item that works amazingly well for congested sinuses.  It is called Zicam Extreme Congestion.  It's a nasal spray.  This is what has made it able for me to function this week.  I love it!

And on an unrelated note...I have nothing good at all to say about the Comfort Inn where we stayed and held our training session this week.  This particular one is on Natural Bridge Rd in St. Louis, by the airport.  Hideous on almost all fronts, repeatedly, over 4 days, even after our giving them feedback on what to correct.  I will now personally do my best not to stay at any Comfort Inn hotels in the future.

We have another Big Boss visit on Friday.  This is my boss's boss, the one who could promote me at some point in the future.  It's a big deal.  We'll be great.  We're always great.  Anything less just simply won't happen.

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Jilly said...

i confess, i love theraflu, in fact, i like the apple flavored stuff so much that when it's cold, i somtimes contemplate making some just because it's hot and tastes good, but i don't.

i hate nose sprays. i have a prescription nose spray that gives me a sore throat, so i only take it when i'm in a dire situation. my grandmother was addicted to nose sprays (they're VERY addictive btw, which is why you're not supposed to use them fore more than a few days) so i'm always weary of using them.

my doctor told me to squirt this salt water stuff up there, and it works better than anything, but it makes me vomit when the salt water hits the back of my throat, so i don't do it often. recently they took all medications for people under 2 off the market and the only easy-to-get treatment for colds and allergies i've found for the baby is the salt water, and it seems to make her vomit too. joy.

we got a script for baby allegra, but the insurance company makes us go through a lot of beef to get it each month and it usually takes us 2 months to get a bottle of the stuff that lasts 1 month, so we're in a constant battle to get the baby the medication she needs.

the doctor tried to explain to them that giving her allegra is cheaper than letting her develop allergy related asthma like i have. i take 3 asthma medications a day and several allergy meds and then i still have expensive breathing treatments that i don't pay a penny for. it really is cheaper for them to just medicate her like she needs it now than to ignore her issue now and let her develop asthma.

i hate paying money for a hotel and it turns out to be a dive. it's not like you could move, you were stuck and they knew it. when you go out of your way to provide wonderful service, and then get crap service, it's like a slap in the face. i guess denying them your future business is all you can really do, but maybe that'll be enough.

maybe their corporate office needs to get a little note from you, the customer? i often send good and bad feedback to corporate offices when i feel store management wasn't responsive to a real complaint.