Thursday, November 20, 2008


I admit it...I don't like getting my hair cut.  

It's not that I don't like neatly cut hair, it's that I find it freakish for a stranger to touch my head.  I've never liked it.  

But I think my squished eyeball is telling me that it's time to get my hair cut again, seeing as how the last time I cut it was in late Feb or early March.  I'm also toying with the idea of getting some highlights, but then I know I'd have to go get them retouched frequently which would require more money and more touching of my head.  

I don't see how guys do it...get their hair cut all the time.  Ick.

I get so hot at work that I usually pull my hair back, anyway.  

I'm off tomorrow, though I'm spending the day helping out at my old store (wait, so that means I'm not really off, right?), and there is a nice hair place across the drive, so maybe I'll go get it cut.

Then again, maybe I won't.  

O squished eyeball, what shall I do?


CatBoy said...

I won't make fun of you for not liking people touching your head, since I have my quirks too.

Me, I like having strangers touch me (in a perfectly respectable way) for money.

Jilly said...

i don't like getting it cut because they sit there and tell me how to make it look just as good as they did, and they know damn well that i can't do what they did or how to repeat theirmagic results. i statr off trying hard, but soon give up and switch back to hair bands, clips and pony tails or buns.

their comb might as well be a magic wand to get those results. i don't understand how some women can get up 2 hours earlier than they have to so they can put on the perfect makeup and do their hair perfectly and accessorize the outfit that never gets messed up, oh and htey always wear heels (bitches).

i'm not a slob, but i'm not overly put together either. i don't shop at hoity-toity stores or buy the COMPELTE outfit for far too much money. i don't carry a coach purse in every color under the sun with jimmy choo shoes to go with it.

over the summer, a woman i know from church approached me and said, "you're always so put together, how do you do it?" i was offended. i thought she was making fun of me, because i am NOT put together. another woman came to me and said the first woman wasn't fibbing, she really thought that i dress well. in that case, the poor thing must live in sweats when not at church in that case.


Orbie/\;;/\ said...

I am totally with you on that Jilly... I always figure once you start glamming up for work then people expect you to always do it. this way when I do something like wear lip gloss everyone compliments me LOL.... guess that is where that weird hair cutting thing came from my co-worker

chenchy said...

opt for the trim - that way there is minimal touching and it will be over fast.
don't do the highlights - you will hate the maintenance.