Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I squished my eyeball

I slept so hard that at some point last night I squished my left eyeball.  I can't see correctly out of it, though it was better than it was early early this morning.

I have no idea what I could have done.  This is not the first time I've squished my eyeball.

I need to go google 'squished eyeballs' and see what there is to do.

I'm such an idiot.


CatBoy said...

Were you trying to count the threads in your sheets to see if they really were as high as they claim to be?

You might have poked yourself with the corner of your pillow. You need to get a sleep mask for protection.

Orbie/\;;/\ said...

that is just weird I hope your eye is ok

emma said...

never heard of a squished eyeball malady

Jilly said...

i am so jealous of you. i want to sleep so hard i can't see clearly the next day, but i know i'll have to wat at leat 20 years before i get to try.

good luck fixing it.


vq said...

Jilly, I don't know how to tell you this but--you never will again. Forevermore, somewhere in the corner of your mind, even in sleep, is the knowledge that your child exists and might need something from you, and the sleep of squished eyeballs can't co-exist with that knowledge.

Jenny Robin said...

I didn't notice my eyeball at all today at work. I did wear my glasses instead of my contacts. The eye is a bit red, but then so is my right one.

I can still tell there is a very slight difference, but I'm confident it will return to normal by tomorrow morning.