Monday, November 24, 2008

Food, Actually

I went to the grocery store after work this evening to pick up what I need to bring to Thanksgiving.  It cost me way too much to get all the ingredients to make my Asian Salad and also to buy 4 kinds of cheese to cube and crackers to go with my tortas.  I'll be bringing tupperware-ish containers and ziplock baggies to bring home leftovers.  

Last night I popped Love, Actually into the DVD player and enjoyed it immensely, again.  I really need to buy the soundtrack.   I simply adore that movie.

I have a friend whose birthday is Friday, and another whose birthday is Sunday, and I don't have any bright ideas of what to get/do for them.  Any ideas?

Also, I keep coveting the heavenly fleece line of clothing at Land's End.  Me want.


vq said...

Hallie watched Love Actually last night--I could hear it coming from her room! It's one of our holiday favorites.

Hey--why don't you get them the Love Actually DVD? That would be a great present!

Beanns37 said...

There's probably not enough time now but if you haven't checked out they have really cool stuff from all over the world. I got my friend a pendant from Malaysia and she loves it!

Jilly said...

i hated that movie so much about 20 mins in i eanted to dig my eye out with a spoon to get out of watching it anymore.


CatBoy said...

I did some of my Thanksgiving shopping this morning and dropped more cash than I expected. I have decided not to keep track since knowing how much I spent for certain will bother me very much.

Do you have more than one friend whose birthday is on Sunday? If not (and thereby I know who the friend in question is) I suggest you keep giving him what you already are- sass, sarcasm, pause for consideration, and musical posts.

If, on the other hand, it's someone else, I don't know what to suggest. Just don't give anyone a giftcard from your place of employment because it will look like you were too lazy to do anything else (despite the fact that it's a pretty good gift).

Land's End is (I believe) fairly reasonably priced- buy the clothes for yourself for Christmas. Think about it, if you had children, you would give them money to buy you something, so just pretend the gift is from your imaginary children, Rupert and Felicity (first names that came to mind).

CatBoy said...

PS. Etsy does have lots of cool stuff.