Sunday, May 25, 2008

Short Stuff

1.  The first week (partial week, actually) at my new store went very well.

2.  I really want to see the new Indiana Jones movie.

3.  Joe Mallozzi is ignoring me on his blog.

4.  I'm ignoring Joe Mallozzi on his blog.

5.  I leave for Maine in less than 5 weeks.

6.  I got to see my family today.

7.  My nephew didn't want to play with me.

8.  I told my nephew he wasn't getting a gift for Arbor Day because of it.

9.  This was my first day off in 8 days.

10.  I watched several episodes of Smallville.  I'm up to season 6.  

11.  I got locked out of my Treasury Direct account because I couldn't remember the answers to all the security questions.

12.  Who the hell actually has a favorite teacher, childhood pet, film, and author?  

13.  I set up automatic fund transfers to my Roth IRA, making it much easier.

14.  Last night I grocery shopped for the first time in 3 weeks.  I spent $135.  Insane.

15.  Tomorrow, Memorial Day, I work 7-4.  I'm leaving right at 4.  I can't work these 17 hour days any more.  I ain't as young as I look.

16.  My torso muscles are ripped on my front left side from all that coughing when I was sick.  Putting on deodorant or turning over in bed is crippling, though less painful than a week ago.

17.  I'm going to bed now.


CatBoy said...

I hope your aches and pains are paining you less.

Anonymous said...

i know someone who had a cold last year and coughed so hard she broke a rib.

good luck with the new store, i hope good things continue to happen for you.

baby food is really cheap (60 cents for a big jar), i'm considering on putting us all on a baby food diet here. i've stopped buying stuff that goes bad after more than a week.