Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gone Cruisin'

I leave in 7 1/2 hours for Florida.  I still feel icky, but I'm coughing a bit less and was able to sleep last night after heavily medicating myself with Nyquil. I'm also no longer contagious-yay.  

I think with all the coughing, though, that I have done something to my pipes, as every intake of breath for the past few days feels like it's icy cold from menthol or something.  

I hope to have safe travels and will think of you all quite fondly while I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.

And I'll leave you with one parting thought:  Michael Buble' is so adorable I just want to take his face in my hands and kiss him on the lips.  What a cutie pie.  

Total non sequitur, I know.  Blame the drugs.... 


CatBoy said...

I like when you get goofy, drugs or not.

Spidey said...

have a lovely time.

schell said...

Hope you have a good time!