Thursday, May 08, 2008


That's not a radio station.  It is my temperature, or it was at midnight tonight.  Now it's down to 100.4 because I took some Alleve.

I struggled through work tonight, not able to go home because the other leadership team member went home at her dinner break with a fever and illness (she was out sick Tuesday as well).  My staff was so sweet to me and kept checking on me.  I had to sit at the desk in the receiving room and try to run things from there rather than from out on the salesfloor where I was supposed to be.

I've had this deep, wrenching, chest muscle-pulling, painful to my body but not my throat oddly enough, cough since Monday.  I thought it was just the final farewell of my sinus infection from a couple weeks ago.

While I feel terrible, I am grateful that I am not nauseous.  And apparently I feel well enough to be able to sit here and type this.  My skin always looks great when I have a fever.  Why is that?

If I still feel terrible tomorrow, I'll go to the doctor.  I leave for my cruise early early Sunday morning, and I want to be fully well so that I can completely enjoy it. 

And bummer...I have no soup and no gatorade or ginger ale in the house. 

Now I need to try to get lots of sleep.  Fortunately I am scheduled off tomorrow.

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