Saturday, March 22, 2008

No Worries

If you know who I work for (for whom I work), and you have thoroughly read Thursday's press release, then you'll know that borrowing money from an investor to finance operations while continuing forward with your huge, ginormous, mind-blowing, innovative, truly amazing strategic initiatives does not mean that a company is a sinking ship.  It means that a company has a plan...a good one...a good plan to continue the turnaround...a plan that includes said company out-performing its competition 3 quarters in a row...a plan that includes the buyback of its dot com to relaunch on April 11...a plan that includes a concept store model that has business leaders and vendors taking notice and getting excited...a plan that includes partnerships that are new and strategic and successful...a plan that has this person very excited to be working for said company at this particular point in time...a plan that will ensure the continued growth and vitality of the company for many many years to come.

Disclaimer:  Everything stated above has been included in prior press releases, in differing wording, of course.  I cannot imagine the word 'ginormous' being used in a press release.

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