Sunday, March 02, 2008


...And I don't mean the condiment.

Work has consumed me these past few weeks.  I have been preparing for my trainer conference this next week in Michigan, preparing for the training session in Florida the week after, and preparing for a super-boss visit that happened a couple of weeks ago.

The super-boss visit went extremely well, and I learned that super-boss and my boss rated my store as the best of all the stores they visited during the two-day super-visit.  Yay go me.

The Texas Primary is on Tuesday, and for once our state's late Primary actually has an impact on the results.  I know a lot of people who have early-voted and a lot more who are planning to vote who normally never do vote in the Primary, so it will be interesting to learn the results.

My sister works for a company that does market research and polling, and her company's poll shows that Obama will will the TX Primary.  

Early tomorrow morning I leave for Michigan, and I have spent a good deal of energy communicating with and building my trainer team ahead of this conference so that we can be an actual team right off the bat and not have to go through that awkward phase where some of us know each other but not everyone does.

But all of that takes a great amount of time, and it's challenging to balance the needs of my store with the needs of the entire zone training program.  I think I've done very well, so far, mostly because I haven't had much rest in the past month or so.  After I get beyond these back-to-back weeks of being out of the store and traveling, I think it will get less complicated for a while.  

Altogether, I am loving the challenge of handling all this and am thankful that my year isn't dull or boring. 

It may be a couple of weeks before I can post again, so have fun.

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