Monday, December 04, 2006


I've recently been watching season 1 of House on DVD. I now have a ginormous crush on Hugh Laurie, or maybe it's a crush on the character of House, or maybe it's a crush on Hugh Laurie as House.


It snowed here last Thursday. Actually, it alternated between sleeting and snowing, then it finally decided on snow. Because of the sleet, some of the roads were icy, and we didn't really get much accumulation of snow. It's very refreshing to have colder weather. I haven't yet turned on my heat. I have plenty of clothes, blankets, and a cat to keep me warm.


Yesterday my nephew asked me how Gracie's cold was. I thought this was very thoughtful of a 5 1/2 year old kid to ask. I told him Gracie was almost all better, and I asked him how his own cold was. He told me he wasn't quite over it yet and he still had some boogers in his nose. I then asked him if he had blown his nose really hard using lots of tissue. He responded that he had blown his nose hard when he was 4, and a lot of stuff came out. I suppose he thought he was done for life.


I need some advice on something. I am a snacker while I watch DVDs. I need to find something to occupy my hands and/or mouth so that I can still enjoy my entertainment without all those pesky calories. Any suggestions? Lewd suggestions will also be considered.


Starting Thursday, we stay open until midnight. I hate that.


My car now has 15,000 miles on it. I have owned it 10 months and 15 days, but it was in the shop for 30 of those days. Next year I plan on taking it to Michigan again (for a work conference in April), and to Denver (for a work meeting in late March), plus some sort of road trip vacation during the summer.


I want to visit the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, IA. I want to go alone. How freakish is that?


I enjoy movies a lot more now than when I was a film major in college. I miss playing the French horn, though now I have been not playing for as many years as I did play before I stopped.


Something's missing and I need to find it. I'm not sure if I lost something or if I never had it. Hmm...


CatBoy AKA Charles said...

Where to start . . .

Is popcorn an overly obvious suggestion? If you don't add a lot of fat to it, it is a pretty reasonable snack. I honestly can't think of much in the way of "snack food" that isn't caloric.

I snack, but I don't eat snack food; I'm more likely to break off a piece from the chunk of dark chocolate I keep in the pantry, or make a cup of tea and toast (buttered liberally), or eat a Zone bar rather than chips or candy. (Chocolate in block form is not candy, it is an ingredient that goes into candy and therefore is considered a food.)

I suppose you'd stick your tongue out at me if I suggested you eat raw veggies dipped in something.


Open 'til midnight, yikes. If you get late night calls from a weird person asking for obscure titles, it isn't me.


Do you miss the horn specifically or do you miss being part of an orchestra? Or both? Maybe you should take your horn to work and play some baroque Christmas music.


Lost it never had it. That is a question that any person with a brain and a soul has asked at some point. Unfortunately, I think we have to find the answer ourselves. Anyway that's what that jack-ass Glinda told Dorothy.

***LadyMtnMedic*** said...

Back off Res, House is MINE and I am not sharing him! There is just something sexy about Hugh Laurie, whether it's his voice, or role, or his eyes I am not sure, but yeah, he is a kitten!

jilly said...

according to my dietician (remember, i have low blood sugar) told me that chocolate is a fat, not a sugar, so it's okay to have. poor woman had no idea what she was getting ehrself into by telling me that.

i miss playing the french horn too, it's great breathing exercise, better than the tube thing they gave me to practice on. i think i miss going somewhere with a group of people that i, mostly, enjoyed being around and working together to make something beautiful. it'd be hard for you to sign up for a community band or something because you work odd hours, but i'm sure there's an activity just waiting for you out there.

anyway, as to lost things, as long as it isn't keys, wallets, or sanity, it can't be too bad.

emma said...

Thanks for the booger story, Respighi

I've never watched an episode of House, so you can have Hugh Laurie

What kind of a Gay Looser freaking sonofabitch needs to buy a book, bookmark or latte at MIDNIGHT? Jesus H. Christ

Snacking suggestion: Get a boyfriend, invite him over and give him blowjobs during the commercials. He'll like it and you'll be calorie free (if you spit and don't swallow. Don't bother thanking me, that's what I'm here for

Spidey said...

i have been to the Field of Dreams in Dyersville. it is magical. i cry my eyes out when i watch that film.