Monday, September 18, 2006

Lotsa Lotsa

Yes, it has been a while. Get over yourself. You know you came here everyday hoping for an update. Finally, here is your reward.

Two Fridays Ago:

Two Fridays ago I attended a local publisher expo that some company folks put together. I got lots of nice promos and discovered a large assortment of Texana books to order.

Luke Wilson and Terrell Owens:

I am told that T.O. was in my store Friday night shopping in the bargain books area. Doesn't this guy make millions? Why was he buying bargain books? Oh wait, he broke one of his fingers and will be on the bench for the next few weeks. Maybe he's learning how to read to pass the time. Luke Wilson was in my cafe today. He looked very thin and had an odd haircut. Perhaps he's going to play a crack junkie in an upcoming film.


We had a book signing on Thursday with Maddox. It was a huge hit. This guy apparently has a website with an enormous following. It appeals to teenage and 20-something males, as evidenced by the turnout for the event. Maddox was friendly and a bit cute in person, which is not how he presents himself online or in reference to his book, so I'm told.

Birthday Party:

A friend had a birthday party yesterday. His house is 40 miles from here, near the Texas Motor Speedway. I asked his wife how the traffic situation is in their area on race day. Remind me never to move to a place near a major sports stadium.

I was asked several times to join in a game of poker, but I am a nitwit at poker. I've played once, and I had to have the guys tell me what to bet every time it was my turn. I think they like doing that, but I don't like not knowing what the heck I'm doing. I think I should learn Texas Hold 'Em soon.

New Plasma:

Yes, I'm very much enjoying my new plasma screen. I watched LOST-SSN02, Grey's Anatomy-SSN02, and am currently watching more Stargate DVDs on it.

The Weather:

The weather has been mostly lovely here lately. The temps have drastically dropped to the 80s or 90s during the day, and the 60s overnight. Tonight is supposed to drop to 58, which hasn't happened since March or April. I will try to get my windows open to let in some fresh cool breezes a bit later.


I need to clean my apartment. I always need to clean my apartment. Go figure.


CatBoy said...

Yes, I have been checking everyday, once I realized you hadn't insulted me at my own blog or at DWO in almost a week.

I thought you had been kidnapped by some sheik and made into a concubine or run over by an armadillo on a skateboard or sat too close to the big TV, which fell over on you and left you trapped like that "I've fallen down and I can't get up" woman or were possibly in mourning over Ann Richards' death (Cool woman!) or found somebody that was more fun to outwit than me or maybe you'd run off to join a traveling circus that needed people who could read, so the younger members of the circus wouldn't neglect the education or you might have twisted your ankle and been on pain medication that made your food taste really bad, so that you had to choose between pain and eating and you chose eating and because of the pain you couldn't blog or since "Read a Banned Book Week" (Sept 23- 30) is coming up, your store put together a display of banned books and some book burner saw it and held you hostage until you denounced Harry Potter and Huck Finn for the subversive evil-doers they are.

Other than that, I didn't really give it a second thought.

emma said...

"We had a book signing on Thursday with Maddox."
angelina's boy wrote a book?

CatBoy said...

Maddox- I had heard of him, but never checked out his website. I have now, I also watched a couple of videos of his book signings on youtube (I kept looking for you, but I never saw anybody who looks like I think you do (Do you really want to know?).)

His online personae is a bit more brash and rough than he is. It seems (based on comments left on youtube) that some of his fans were disillusioned to find out that he is well-spoken non-asshole. A gather that he is a great deal brighter than many of his fans.

He sent a package to Bill O'Reilly containing a box of tampons and a bottle of J&J baby shampoo, with a note explaining that they were the perfect gift for a big, blubbery, whining vagina. I think the shock of that appeals to the teens, but there was some intelligent thought put into it and that appeals to a different group.

PS. He also votes Top Gun as the #1 shitty movie of all time that everyone loves. Towards the end of that page is a Tom Clancy Plot Generator which I think is a riot.