Friday, September 29, 2006

Saying Good Morning to the Paper Guy

Yes, I've been busy. Many people say "I've been busy" in their blogs as a reason for not writing a new posting. Many people aren't me. I actually have been busy...working.

You see, it is 3rd quarter, and if you've ever worked retail, you know what that means. If you haven't ever worked retail, you cannot possibly have any frame of reference, so don't worry about it in that case.

This week I trained 4 new Managers for the district, which is always fun, though totally draining.

On Thursday I started work at 8am and worked straight through until 3am Friday morning. As my managers and I were leaving, the Paper Guy was delivering our newspapers. Good morning, Paper Guy.

So I came home, went to bed and finally got up about 2pm today. Then I was sleepy again and took a nap from about 5:30-8pm. It is now almost 10pm, and I have a lovely cornish game hen with rice, cream of mushroom soup, topped with dried soup mix baking in the oven. It should be done in another hour or so. MMmmmmm.

That's about all I can muster for now. I need to spend some time with my kitty, and I desperately need to clean my kitchen and spot vacuum my apartment along with doing some laundry. I close tomorrow, so I can get some of that done before work.

FYI--there are an absolute TON of new books, CDs, and DVDs that are released in the autumn, so be sure to stop by your local bookstore every week to check them out. Most of the laydowns occur on Tuesdays, by the way. Exciting stuff.


CatBoy said...

Hello my sleepy friend. I hope you are still sleeping as I write this.

jilly said...

how is the kitty?

it's almost time for the christmas push, lucky you.


emma said...

hey respighi

CatBoy said...

Peek a boo; I don't see you. I guess you're still really busy.

Happy Columbus Day. I'm going to celebrate by discovering a country that has already been discovered. (Don't tell any Italians I said that, they're very sensitive about Columbus.)

CatBoy said...

I'm sitting here, hitting the refresh button on Southwest's site every 5 minutes to see if my brother's plane is on time, so I thought I'd bug you.

So, how was the Cornish hen?

Uh, what else . . . What new books are you excited about?

Do you like jigsaw puzzles? Weird question, maybe. I was just wondering. I don't; they make my eyes hurt after about 45 minutes and I never finish them.

I can't think of anything else.

Nighty night.