Friday, August 22, 2008

Little Thief

I went to SuperTarget today to get a couple of things.  Ok, I admit it...I went in search of a Wii, but of course they were sold out, something at which I was slightly relieved to learn because I really don't need to spend the money.

SuperTarget has a self-serve candy aisle, and I like to get a bit of a couple of different things from the hoppers whenever I'm in there.  Today I came around the corner and saw a little kid, probably 8 years old, pulling his hand out of one of the bins and putting a piece of candy in his mouth.  

He quickly turned from me and began to walk away.  I called after him and asked if he had paid for that candy in the tone that suggests I know he had not.  He just nodded his head yes and kept walking.  I followed him and asked where his mother was.  He pointed and then practically ran away from me.

Too bad, little kid, you're busted.  I'm not going to let you get away with stealing, no matter how small the item.  I maneuvered my cart out onto the big aisle and looked down the side aisles, finally spotting the kid with a lady whom I assumed was his mother.

I rolled right on up to her and said, "Excuse me, but I think you would want to know that...", at which point she shook her head and said "I'm sorry" and then something in Spanish which led me to believe she didn't understand any English.  Hey, no problem.  There are a great many people around here who don't speak English, and we usually can understand each other by using a few basic words and a lot of hand gestures.  I don't know much Spanish, something I need to work on, so I just said, "El Nino" (I don't know how to do the squiggly thing on top of the n), pointed at the kid, said, "Candy", and pretended to bite down on something.  

The mother got the message, squeezed open her son's mouth and found the candy, told me "thank you", and I was off.  That poor mom was just trying to buy some shampoo.  I don't think she had any idea her precious boy was a little thief.  

It also makes me wonder how many times a day that happens.  All that candy has got to be terribly tempting to a kid.


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Wow, I wouldn't have expected a grumpy old lady act from you. Poor kid, did you really need to get him in trouble? I am sure Target didn't miss the candy and has bigger thieves strolling the aisles. -blu

Jilly said...

there's a little box here where you can take 1 piece of candy and put a quarter in for it, do they have that there?

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