Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'll Be Here This Weekend

Most of you know the company I work for.  And most of you know that I love it.  So, I'm very excited to provide the link below to show you about the Grand Opening of our newest store in Allen, TX, which is just north of Dallas.  About 1/4 of the way down the linked page, click on the 'tour' link and watch the video.  

The store I am currently in is a test store for the concept store, and the new Allen store is a full concept store.  I know that sounds confusing, but just absorb it as information.  I'll be working in the new store Friday-Sunday to provide support and training for the new staff.  I just spent 3 hours reading up on all the digital center pieces the new store has that my current store does not.  Many are the same, but they do have several more products that I haven't played with yet.  

Very exciting times, very exciting indeed.  Wish us all luck.  The community has been anticipating the store opening for months now.  It looks absolutely fantastic and is going to knock their socks off!

Here's the link:  New Store

I should say that the photos and tour are of the store in Ann Arbor, so the building shape and size is all different, but the graphics and merchandising will be consistent.


CatBoy said...

Sadly, I think I may be losing the store closest to me. It seems that the city where it's located is a one-store town and the other one is winning. The one you dislike, having worked for them once upon a time.

It's a pity, since I think your company has better-trained employees that the other one (although in fairness to them I haven't been there in years due to the employees they had at that time).

Good luck with your new store.

Jenny Robin said...

It's not my store. I'm just helping out. I switched stores 2 1/2 months ago, and I'm staying at that one. I'm not switching again.

CatBoy said...

I misread that. Good, stay put, I don't want to have to update my address book again.

Jilly said...

I like Borders more than other stores because of the store set-up and the friendly staff. Except for some of the cafe people, the employees at Borders are all nice and willing to help out without pestering. Oh, and the borders rewards are free, Barnes adn nobels tries to get member to PAY to join their card club, something which i refuse to do.

The only thing i dislike about Borders is that I have never been in one with a family-freidnly restroom. There are no changing stations in the men's room, and since i'm a modern kina gal, my guy changes just as many, if not more, diapers than i do.

Moreover, when one uses the changing table in the women's room, it makes it impossible for others to come in the door with ease. Also, the sinks are way too high for children to reach, and I know for a fact, that the two borders near me are out of ADA compliance with their sink levels. People in wheelchairs cannot use the bathrooms with ease nor can they reach the sinks. This makes me sad becasue Borders is such an awesome place (and I do my park by buying an overpriced tea drink with each visit).

I have only ever been in 7 Border's stores, and they are all the same way, but that doesn't mean that all borders stores are like this, maybe it's just a MD, PA, Ohio, Indiana thing?

Now that I have a baby and find myself becoming more of a primary caregiver to my niece and nephew, I find myself going to Barnes and Nobles more often because they have a family bathroom and their regular bathrooms are easier to use.

I hope you have a good time at your new store and I hope that they remodel the ones near me to better fit the needs of everyone. Congrats on your new store.


vq said...

My local Borders has a very welcoming atmosphere. I like that it has lots of seating scattered about.

My nearest B&N only offers chairs inside a little fenced area right in front of the coffee kiosk, and the message is clear--if you want to sit, you must buy coffee.

That settles it. Borders wins. (Although if I've parked my butt at Borders for any length of time, I make a point of buying at least a coffee or a few magazines. I mean, it's not the public library, after all.)

Jenny Robin said...

I worked 8 am to midnight and just got home. I'll go back probably at 9 or 10 tomorrow morning, and I work until close again. The community is ecstatic, and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.