Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Frustration

There is a new policy at work that just rolled out. I support it, but I'm going to have a hard time with it. It is perfectly rational, logical, and with peoples' best interests at heart, but it's also going to interfere with my ability to perform my job effectively.

Starting immediately we can no longer receive (read) or send (write) text messages while driving. Now, actual texting has been disabled on our blackberries since before I got my current position, but the word 'text' refers to anything written. I email all the time while driving. And I mean all the time. I can spend 18-20 hours a week driving between all my stores if I do the Grand Tour, and around 12 hours a week driving if I do a 'regular' week. Flying would not solve the problem, as there are 2-hour driving intervals between my markets.

We also must use hands-free devices for cell calls while driving. No problem on this, as I have a bluetooth thing that I bought a few months ago and didn't like, but I will use it and learn to like it with no major issue.

The problem is that now I will have to spend more time on my laptop while I'm in a store, reading and responding to emails, instead of spending time with the people. I won't be able to make optimal use of my travel time, and that bothers me.

I'm not one for breaking the rules, and so I won't. I'm just concerned about how it's going to make me unable to respond quickly to things in a written format. Sure, people can still call me if they need something urgent, but my quick access and very fast responses to my team's emails will be dead as the dodo.

On the upside, maybe they will look more for the answers to the questions themselves instead of relying on me so much. So perhaps they will gain some independence and growth from this.


UrbanStarGazer said...

I hear ya sister. One of my new year resolutions was to stop texting and emailing while driving -- both are illegal in CA -- and I've gotten better but it does put a dent in your availability.

vq said...

The other upside is that it quite possibly has saved your life. Texting and driving is dangerous as hell, and if I can't get Dave to quit doing it, I may have to kill him myself.

MelissaTheRagamuffin said...

Not only your life, but the life of other people on the road with you. In the last year here, a cyclist was killed by a woman distracted by texting.

Catz said...

all good points said above. it's safer and maybe they won't have to 20 question you.

VQ made me snort on the last part of her comment.

Jilly said...

it's illegal to use a phone at all for e-mail, text or calling while driving here. i don't do it, but some people do and hate the fines. i hardly use my phone at all, so i have no complaints, but i'm sure some people are hindered by the law.

emma said...

Things Not to Do while driving:
surf the web
Put on make up
Give yourself a manicure
Yell at your kid . . husband . . .passenger
Take your shoes off
Make out
smoke a joint
drink alcohol
Tell a cop to "fuck off"

all of these things I've personally witnessed and at those times I wish I had the power to make a car run out of gas . . .blow a tire . . or something hopefully non lethal to get these people off the road