Monday, February 08, 2010


My plan at work this week was to visit my stores in Arkansas, Springfield, MO, and Tulsa. My GM in Rogers warned me against trying to travel there tomorrow, so I heeded his advice. It's a gorgeous drive, but it's also very hilly and mountainous at various points, and I don't want to get stranded on a state highway, or worse, slide off the side of a mountain. He says there is lots of snow and ice on the roads.

So, I cancelled those hotel reservations and switched my tour to include the central Oklahoma stores instead. I do hate to make those last minute changes to my stores and my peeps, but it cannot be helped. Amazingly, it actually works out better for me. I have rehearsal on Saturday, so this shorter tour will make me less tired going into the weekend.

Usually I plan for what is best for my stores and the business needs, and just suck it up if it's difficult for me; I'm glad it worked out in my favor. And so, some small good thing comes of a big inconvenience.

I went to the grocery store tonight, fully intending to just buy some hearty soup and bread. I passed by the meat counter and saw that King crab legs were only $8.99/lb. I bought 4 of them and had them steamed with Old Bay seasoning. They were WONDERFUL! I love crab, num num, num. King crab, while more prickly, has tons more meat on it than snow crab. I dipped it in some melted butter and had big plenty for dinner.

I have a crack in my windshield. It's getting bigger and splintering off, but several people tell me that it's perfectly safe to drive that way...even the tech at the car dealership. I'll get it replaced if it gets too crazy. I never saw the initial crack, because it's way down at the base of the windshield in the area that is covered by the windshield wipers.

I gave the company car back to my former boss last week, so I'm using my personal car for work. I get paid mileage, but it does take a few weeks for the mileage checks to come in the mail. If/when I get the regular DM position, I will get a company car for reals...I'm told we now get Ford Fusions. It's got to be better than the Chrysler 300...anything is better than that car.

My car has a bit over 80,000 miles on it and is still going strong. I do a lot of highway driving, which doesn't hurt the car nearly as much as city traffic, so it probably has the equivalent of 30,000 city miles, or less. I think I have 11 payments on it, then it's all mine!

I'm waiting for a load of laundry to dry so I can pack a couple pairs of dress pants and get to bed. I'm exhausted! The Superbowl was a great game to watch yesterday. I actually found it very interesting, and I thought the pace of the game was good. But I didn't get enough sleep afterward.

That's all for now....

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