Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Big News

My big news, as you've probably already guessed, is that I am now officially a full district manager. I found out two Fridays ago but couldn't say anything until this past Tuesday.

I was going to post it earlier, but my laptop wasn't cooperating at my hotels this week, and I haven't been home this weekend until now.

So, there it is.

And now I'm finally going to buy a house, somewhere in north Ft. Worth.

Please give me all your advice on buying a home. I bought 2 books but haven't had a chance to read much yet. I want a house with a pool.


Mrs. Tree said...

Congratulations! What happy news. Advice: get a realtor you can trust.

emma said...

First, congratulations!!!

Second: Always insist on a home inspection--even if it's a new build. A pool? are you nuts? Do you know how to maintain it?
Are you set on a single family home or would you be happy in a condo? Some condos come with a community pool and other amenities with no outside maintenance, unless you enjoy lawn mowing, etc..
Set up a bank account for home improvements. I love living in a single family, but there's always maintenance costs: new roof, new windows, heater craps out, fridge goes on the blink, etc.

Another tip: If you're interested in a house, drive by at different times of the day and week. Go by on a weekend . . . do party animals live next door? Would that bug you? Etc.

Looking at houses is always fun (to me anyway)

Jenny Robin said...

I want my own community pool, because I won't use it.

No, I don't know how to take care of a pool, and I'm not nuts. But, there are always pool boys. And no one is born knowing how to take care of a pool...I'm sure there is information available on how to do it.

We can swim here about 7 months out of the year. I want a hot tub, too, so that can be used year round.

Spidey said...

congrats and good luck on your house hunt. i bought my aunts house, so i have no experience in house hunting. i have been part of this house for the last 50 years one way or another and am quite comfortable.

emma said...

yes, you're nuts, but don't even know it ;)

Jilly said...

i hope you get the pool you want. it's funny, but pools and hot tubs don't really add value to a house and in some cases, detract value. keep that in mind. and emma is right, even if a house is new, all the appliances are going to die withing a year of each other and then you'll need a new roof, and the basement will flood and all kind of random horrible crap goes down. i love having my own house, but damn i dream of a 3-4 br condo where i don't have to mow an acre of lawn, or be the boss of things. if they offer a warranty TAKE IT. i like looking at houses, but the though of moving makes me ill. now's a good time to be a buyer if you can get a good mortgage, go for it.

Jilly said...

oh and i orgot, don't move in near toohot or bidet, they're probably terrible neighbors, even worse than the fat naked lesbians who jump on the trampoline.

Catz said...

congrats! I figured something like that. congrats again!

schell said...

Congratulations! You've earned it!

sheila222 said...

Keep a log of what houses you have seen,and what appeals to you, try not to sign with a realtor. Tell them right up front if they do their job, you will be faithful, but if they don't, you aren't willing to waste six months with them. Ask them for their MLS book or the password to sign onto it online (I would presume that is offered in your area). You can cut down a lot of possibilities just based on looking at the listings. You won't use a pool or hot tub/spa nearly as much as the idea of one (sorry,, that's the fact, Jack) and unless it is sort of the community standard where you buy, I would advise against (you did ask our opinions-- we turned down all houses with pools and joined a private pool instead- not because of $$ or upkeep, but because of liability).

Jenny Robin said...

You all are the best. Thanks for all the congrats and the advice. Maybe I am nuts to get a pool. But I've lived for years in apartment complexes that had pools and wanted to swim every day, but it was too crowded or dirty or closed when I wanted to swim at 6am or midnight. I know that a pool and hot tub are not value items monetarily, but they will be wonderful for me and my family and friends.

I really really want them. But I also know that I may not get them....very very very sad to think of that.

Catz said...

I think you've earned it. go for it!

vq said...

Huge congrats to you!

My folks always told us "buy the cheapest house in the most expensive neighborhood you can afford." Always worked out well for us.

We took care of our pool all three years in Florida. It wasn't hard. We just carted a water sample into the pool store every week and they told us what chemicals to dump in that week. No trouble at all.

UrbanStarGazer said...

Congratulations!! Finally. :o|

My only advice is the advice I always got from my aunt (who is a real estate mini-mogul) -- you don't want to be the most expensive house on the street and, as Verb said, buy the cheapest house that you can find/like in the best neighborhood you can afford.