Wednesday, March 04, 2009

That's Scarlett with TWO 't's

I can't remember if I ever wrote about the first part of this story, so if I have, you can skip over this next paragraph.

A couple weeks before Thanksgiving this past year, my Dad told all of us at one Sunday dinner that my male cousin has taken to wearing women's clothing.  After the anticipated amount of giggling that one might expect, we calmed down.  Dad then explained how this cousin's brothers and sisters were shunning him for his choice.  THAT we had a problem with.  So when this cousin came to Thanksgiving dinner, dressed smartly in a skirt, blouse, pumps, and jewelry accessories, we were prepared for his looking different and therefore treated him as we always have (with fleeting interest and false concern since we none of us ever cared one way or the other about him before anyway).

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I called my sister to congratulate my nephew on his first chess tournament.  My brother-in-law was asked to relay the 'new and interesting' news on this cousin.  It so happens that this cousin, who sells jewelry at a very high end department store, had requested that he be able to dress as a woman at work.  To their credit, the department store said yes, and following a week of vacation, cousin returned to work in full ladies' regalia.  

All this is quite nice and accepting, and good for all involved.  And I thought to myself how lovely it is that people outside the book industry are being so accommodating and open about this.  My thoughts were all warm and fuzzy for cousin UNTIL....yes, UNTIL....I heard my BIL say one final thing:

Cousin now wishes to be called Scarlett.....with TWO 't's.  WTF?  Scarlett?  You want me to call a grown man Scarlett?  Come on....Scarlett?  Is he becoming a stripper or something? 

I'm still laughing at that one.  I was with the whole situation until I heard the name he is choosing.  Scarlett, good grief. 


Blank Field said...

If I ever confess to my predilection for wearing my wife's panties on my head during hotel sex, I'll demand to be calles Bertt. Yep, Bertt with two Ts.

Regarding your cousin, don't be mean. You'll be tempted to say Scarlet, with just one T, but don't do it. How would you like it if I said Jeny, with just one N?

Jilly said...

given my large and odd family, the only thing i find odd about this is the "outside of the book industry." i haven't found the book industry to be overly liberal or accepting. as in all industries, some parts are open-minded and some are uptight enough to eat coal and shit diamonds.

you only live once, so at least he's living how he wants to. it takes a lot of courage to cross social norms like that and be happy.

CatBoy said...

Are you jealous because you wanted to be called Scarlett?

You know, if he is living as a woman (and more power to you and your family for being so cool about it- about three people in mine would be), I can understand that he would assume a female name at work and socially, but for him to expect people he has known for years to start calling him something else is a bit much.

If that were at all reasonable, my whole family would be calling me by my first name rather than my middle which I have never liked.

PS. It's nice that you have someone who can give you tips on clothes, though.

CatBoy said...

PPS. I think the appropriate response to him would be "My dear, I don't give a damn what you call yourself."

UrbanStarGazer said...

The women's clothing that he's wearing don't involve hoops, do they?

Jenny Robin said...

too funny with the Gone with the Wind References

Ded said...

I he had been born with two "t"s, his problem would have been solved.

Jilly said...

oh, if you play clue with him, he gets the red piece, okay?

snort ded, there are a lot of men with two t's.


UrbanStarGazer said...

Where ya been, sistah? Maybe having fun with the guy?