Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Vacation Photos

Above:  This was taken from some point inside Acadia National Park.  I don't remember what prompted me to take the picture...perhaps my interest was piqued by the layering of the triple hills.
Above:  This is Sand Beach in ANP (Acadia National Park).  The sand is not really sand at all; rather, it is very small pieces of shells that have been ground up by the ocean over time.  It was extremely foggy this day, with water temps in the 60s, and there were still a great number of people actually swimming in the ocean.  Crazy!
Above:  Inside ANP.  I remember taking this pic to see how well distant greenery would show up in all the mist/fog we were having.  Getting the bird in the pic was just a lucky accident, but I really like it.  He is perfectly positioned.
Above:  This is one of many stone bridges supporting the carriage road system in ANP.  It was raining this day, and it took me a while to get the shot because I stopped my car on the road and kept having to wave traffic around me.
Above:  I rented the right side of the nice townhome on Mt. Desert Island.  I found it on, and it was lovely.
Above:  The large catamaran pictured here is the Atlanticat, the boat I was on for the whales/puffins tour.  More on that entire hellish experience later:  four hours of torture, in all seriousness.
Above:  The windjammer Margaret Todd.  It was always docked at the Bar Harbor Inn pier.  I never saw it with sails raised in all her glory...somewhat disappointing.
Above:  The Bar Harbor Inn.  I believe this was our first day in town, and it was chilly and dreary.
Above:  The woodworking above the shop windows of a Native American Art Gallery on Main Street.
Above:  My adorable car (Tangerine Metallic Honda Element EX-P 4WD) is shy and hid behind a rock when I took this picture.  Isn't he handsome?


Martha said...

Nice pics! You're seriously whetting my appetite for my October trip...

Anonymous said...

Love the photo with the seagull in it.

I'm dying to know if your hellish whale watch was anything like mine.

CatBoy said...

Very good pictures, I especially like the bridge. You car looks more likes it's being more playful than shy, sort of hard-to-get.