Monday, July 14, 2008

Even More Maine Photos

All of the photos below were taken with my trusty Nikon Coolpix 4600.  I've had the camera since July of 2005 and abused it mildly, but it has always remained stout of heart and true of focus (for the most part).  The prints I make from it at the local Walgreens store always come out looking gorgeous, pretty much like they do here.  I love it and would hesitate to upgrade to anything else, because, if I may be so bold, I think the pictures I take with my Nikon turn out exceedingly well.  And I give all the credit to the camera and the beautiful scenery.  I hope you enjoy them.
Above:  I took this picture on the first clear day in ANP.  The tree is interesting to me as is the stark contrast between its bright green and the blue of the ocean. 
Above:  Same location, different view.
Above:  There is about a 20 foot drop from where I'm standing to where those rocks are.  It doesn't look that far, does it?  It's all about perception!  I took a series of 3 shots with the water coming in and out of this area.
Above:  I think this is the same location as the first picture, just a different view.  The rock strata are fascinating to me.
Above:  I normally don't like to photograph people, but I like this shot.  This guy had his lunch cooler out there with him, and his kid was playing farther down the rocks.  It looks like he's sitting on the edge of the cliff, doesn't it?
Above:  The Porcupine Islands are barely visible through the fog in this view from the top of Cadillac Mountain.  I drove to the top.  I would have suffered a coronary had I hiked or biked it.
Above:  The colors of lichen and such on the rocks at Cadillac Mountain are intriguing.
Above:  The Porcupine Islands are more visible in this shot above.  Cadillac Mountain was crawling with people; like so many ants on a hill were we.  But you would never know it from these pics.  
Above:  God, I love to use trees to frame a shot.  I just like this a lot.
Above:  Same spot as the above picture.
Above:  Seaweed and plant-ish things growing on rocks at Sand Beach.  Obviously the tide was out when this was taken.
Above:  This shot is also taken at sand beach.  I'm standing between two tall walls of rock and looking out at the ocean.  I had to move back and forth, left and right, and wait a minute or two so that I wouldn't get any of the people on the beach in the shot.  
Above:  After I took the above photo, I turned to my right, pointed the camera up, and took this photo of the rock wall.  It's really neat to see the all the lines in the rock.
Above:  The fuzzy bumble bees where working hard.  They were so adorable I wanted to pet one, then I realized how stupid that would be.
Above:  This is day 2 of the Puzzle From Hell!--aka Da Vinci's The Last Supper.  Holy cow, so many of the pieces were completely interchangeable with other pieces.  It took us a day and a half to get most of the border completed.  I figure we spend over 80 man hours working this hellish thing.
Above:  This is actually the very first picture I took upon arriving in Maine.  Silly, I know, but this was the view I had looking out from my bedroom windows.
Above:  Throughout ANP the roads are bordered by large rocks.  Lovely.
Above:  Sand beach.  As you can tell, it was quite dreary that day.
Above:  Such a neat old rock that I don't mind that skinny-legged person being in the background.
Above:  Also at Sand Beach....anyone hungry for a salad?

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CatBoy said...

These are really good. It's funny that you don't like to have people in your pictures, since I often try to get a few in mine.

I like seeing a person (maybe way in the distance or with their back to the viewer) because I think it adds a reference point for the scale of things, and it also keep my pictures from looking too much like a postcard.

I like postcard worthy photos, but they are rarely the photos of mine that are my favorites.