Friday, November 30, 2007

Who wants a Christmas card?

I had two sets of cards made, which each picture above on a set. I made them with my mac, transmitted them into the ether, and received them today. They really turned out well, and I am proud to send them out to all.

The first image above is one I took in Estes Park, Colorado, in March of this year. The second is elk enjoying the snowy ground in Rocky Mountain National Park, also taken in March.

If you would like to receive a Christmas card from me, please email me your name and address to



CatBoy said...

They are both great photos, and I would be happy to receive either.

vq said...

I heard some wonderful Respighi music tonight. I laughed because Hallie said "Respighi sounds like a kind of pasta."

No wonder she was always such good friends with Bert...

emma said...

Beautiful, Beautiful pictures