Monday, November 12, 2007

Sans Tuna, Dinner is Oatmeal

I can pretty much guarantee you that no one has ever had THAT as their blog post title.

I was looking forward to a quick and easy dinner of Tuna Helper (yes, I like that stuff). I had already put the water+milk+butter in a pot and had it boiling on the stove when I went to grab that can of tuna that I had placed on that shelf right th......

Yep, that happened. The can of tuna I thought I had was not actually present. Hmmm, quickly switch to backup plan. Actually, quickly create backup plan before roiling boiling milk concoction overflows the pot. I grabbed the quick cooking oats (for which Charles will surely shun me), and dumped in a bunch. Several minutes later...voila'. Not a very exciting dinner, but I wasn't all that hungry, anyway.

Tomorrow I'm running a job fair at another store. I really don't like job fairs, quite honestly. Some of the people who show up for these things are such an inappropriate fit for the position to such an extreme that it's almost sad. On the up side, I do get a lot of good 'material' for the next time my peers and I are sitting around and shooting the breeze. Unfortunately, I cannot share any details here, but you'll have to trust me that I've had some entertainingly awful interviews at these things.


This Saturday I leave for Memphis, to train a new GM Sunday-Wednesday of next week. It's not good for me to be out of my store the week of Thanksgiving, but this person is brand new, and their DM has asked me to go, so I'm happy to oblige. You know I don't like to fly, so fortunately it is not a very long drive. And I'll get to have some real Memphis bbq again! WooHoo!


That's all for now.


CatBoy said...

I would only shun you if you ate instant oatmeal when you had all the time in the world. Quick cooking oats are an upgrade, and given the pot on the stove (and what it contained), I'd say that was a very clever bit of improvising.

And while I prefer the slow cooking kind, I have made a dinner of oatmeal on more than a few occasions.

sheila222 said...

Honestly, try eating your oats raw,, with milk and sugar or jam. Wonderful stuff. I can't stand oats cooked, but even my husband has been turned on to raw oats (he prefers strawberry jam and milk with his,, I am a traditionalist,, just milk and sugar).

Anonymous said...

I'm good with people, and I love books, and I really , really want this job. Can I start tomorrow?

CatBoy said...

Res, that sounds like a good potential employee (or just someone who reads your blog regularly) notice that he/she said they want "this" job, not "a" job.

spidey said...

i tried the raw oats with milk and i must admit i liked it better than the cooked version. thanks sheila.

CatBoy said...

I like the idea of eating raw oats, but I don't like the idea of drinking milk (minus the coffee or tea that covers its taste), and I can't think of another liquid that would work.

sheila222 said...

Glad you liked it spidey! Oats are one of those things that your gut likes,, it will tighten you up if you have diarrhea (I always think of it adsorbing toxins and bad karma), it will help bulk you up if problems in the the other direction. It is a "cool" grain vs a hot grain like corn.