Saturday, September 15, 2007

Punk Bastard Kid

My Mother is a Secretary at a high school in Ft. Worth. Today I learned that some kid had brought a bomb to school. I called and spoke with my mother this evening, and she said the entire school was evacuated down the block to the football field, and then they were all released to go home. No one was injured, thankfully. The kid needs to go to jail.

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Martha said...

Yikes. PBK is right. I'm glad your mom's okay, along with everyone else.

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

What happened to that wake-up call after Columbine? Yeah, I know I am editorializing. Like Martha, I am glad everyone is safe.

Anonymous said...

Spaghetti, this is Nagual4a.

Here is a true story:

Where I grew up there was a kid who lived about 2 miles away on a farm his name was Chris (lastnameredacted). Chris had a heart murmur which the doctors told him could kill him at any moment. Chris developed the hobby of building bombs. His mother would buy him black powder via mail order and ask no questions. (This was in michigan and PRE-Timothy Mcveigh). Apparently farmers use to get ready access to black powder and dynamite to blow boulders out of the ground.

Anyway, Chris asked his dad one day if he could build a fort out in the cornfield. Dad said yes and Chris built a three story tower which he covered with black tarpaper. He also added 2 floors below ground (and there were rumors of more floors below ground). So he would spend most of his time out in the tower surveying the cornfield and building bombs. His dad drank so Chris developed the habit of stealing one beer every day and saving them up for sunday. On Sunday he would take the beer and all the bombs he had built all week and get drunk and blow up chickens.

I remember Chris very well because at this time (we were both in high school and he was 2 years older than me)I was very big on lifting weights and working out....I played football. Anyway, so I would not miss a workout for any reason and very often I would be out in the freezing garage at 1 or 2 or 3 in the morning to get my workout done for the previous day. And very often at that hour I would walk outside for a brief break and see Chris running down the road in the dead of night. While he lived 2 miles as the crow flies from order to get there from the direction he was running he had to have run at least 5 miles.

So Chris was a pretty cool character who mainly kept to himself. When he was a senior some other seniors (we had all grown up together) paid him to make a bomb to blow up the principals corvette. Something went awry and the police searched his locker and found the pipe bomb which they claimed was powerful enough to blow up the corvette and half of the gymnasium. Somehow chris stayed out of jail (this was 20 years ago when a pipe bomb was considered by many to be 'just playing around'). Chris eventually blew off three of his fingers during a Sunday chicken and beer incident. That's the last I recall of him.

The principal (of the high school) was later found to have been molesting grade school boys and fled the state in his corvette in an OJ-like Bronco chase. He was apprehended.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and here's a vaguely related note. Near me here in the panhandle of florida is a town named Vernon. Vernon, in the 50's and 60's had the distinction of being the location of 50% of all the 'accidental dismemberments' in the united states. (There were about 300 people in Vernon and over 50 suffered an 'accidental dismemberment'). Luckily many of the victims of these accidents had a tourniquet in their pocket and in one case a guy drove his wifes automatic transmission car to do his farmwork (rather than his normal stick shift truck )on the day he 'accidentally dismembered' his foot. That was lucky because if he had had to drive that clutch without a foot he might not have been able to collect on the 28 Accidental Dismemberment policies (the premiums of which exceeded his annual income) he had just taken out 12 hours earlier. So he lived to collect more than a million dollars.

Eventually the insurance companies refused to insure residents of Vernon, Florida. It was known for a time as "Nub City" a name which the residents are not fond of.