Sunday, September 09, 2007

Camp Fire Girl

I was in Camp Fire from Kindergarten through Middle School.

The entire time I was driven, absolutely driven, to acquire as many beads and patches as I possibly could. I sold candy, went to Day Camp, was First Aid certified, learned Indian symbols, and climbed Mt. Everest, all before the age of 12. Above is the front and back of my vest when I was at the "Adventure" level in Camp Fire. At that time the levels were Bluebirds, Adventure, Discovery, and Horizon. My mom still has my adorable bluebird red and blue outfit. I have the sash (with patches, of course) somewhere around here in a box or tub.

Being the best, earning the patches, making it big...these were passions of mine from a very young age. They still are, all except the need to earn patches.

The vest is so tiny...was I ever really that small?

Why do I have that drive, that passion? Why is it not enough just to be ok, average, good? And why do people think there is something wrong with those of us who strive to be more than mediocre? After all, how can a person grow if they never try to do something they currently cannot?

Too many answers to be found.


CatBoy AKA Charles said...

Those questions are too complex for me to take a stab at on a Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

i was never allowed to join those types of groups. my mom took me to one meeting to join brownies when i was 5 and they told my mom "this isn't babysitting, if you can't come, neihter can she." my mom was the only mother at the elementary school who had a job and the other mothers were mean to her because of it.


Jenny Robin said...

I forgot to mention that my nephew had his first Weebelo meeting today. He got to wear his little boy scout uniform to school instead of his school uniform. I can't wait for a pic from my sister.

Jenny Robin said...

AH! I had his pic in my email. And it is apparently Tiger Cub Scouts, not Weebelos. And he has a fishing derby on Saturday where he can catch a fish and get a patch.

It's ALL about the patches.

sheila222 said...

I still have my brownie scout handbook and hankie and my GS knife- rusted. No one thought a thing about carrying it clipped to your belt to school, either.

UrbanStarGazer said...

You climbed Mt. Everest as a kid?

Jenny Robin said...

Urb, no. I was teasing. I did, however, climb Mt. Loma at Camp El Tesoro.