Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Windows-based Attempt at Links

I pulled my old Windows-based Sony VAIO off the floor of the 2nd bedroom and hooked it back up on my dining room table so that I might compose an entry with hyperlinks. We'll give it a try, at least.

Today I went to the Carlyn Galerie to find a nice gift for my sister for her birthday. I settled on a graphite pencil in the shape of a small piece of bamboo. The entire pencil is made of graphite, so one can write with the ends, the sides, etc. Of course, it's more for aesthetics than for functionality, but it will make for a nice conversation piece at her desk at work. I also purchased a book she wanted and a CD. Her birthday is March 4th.

While I was at the Carlyn Galerie I found several glass works that I desperately wanted for myself. They were aquatic in theme; several large glass funky fish, some jellyfish glass wind chimes, and other beautiful quirky works of glass art. I have a vacation coming up next week that I need to pay for, so I refrained from purchasing anything for myself.

Also at the shop were hand crafted wooden spoons that were nowhere near the craftmanship of the spoons I saw in East Glacier Park last summer at a little shop called The Spiral Spoon. I would have bought some of those spiral spoons for gifts had I not been a person who refuses to give 'kitchen appliances and stuff' to people as gifts unless said stuff is specifically asked for.

I also went to the pet store to buy 2 plecostamouses for my tank at home. Yesterday I bought 2 blue mystery snails and one pleco for my tank at work. My leadership team is kind enough to feed my goldfish at work when I'm not there, but they always overfeed them, so algae can become a problem if I don't keep it in check.

I've been reading and posting comments on the blog of Stargate Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi here. He's a huge foodie, and he suffers people's repetitive Stargate questions well. I try to be a bit more entertaining, but mostly end up sounding like a lunatic...which is pretty much what I'm going for. He usually answers my crazy questions, though, so he must find my silliness somewhat entertaining.

I challenged him to see who could finish reading Dan Simmons' The Terror first. I think he finished it last night, and I'm not even 1/3 of the way through the 800 page book, so he wins. I'm not sure what he wins, but we'll figure out something. Speaking of reading...I need to get back to it.


Jenny Robin said...

ok, joe's link is incorrect.

It should be, I guess.

UrbanStarGazer said...

"He selects trees that are already standing dead, diseased or marked for thinning"

Why would anyone want to buy a cooking utensil made from diseased wood?