Sunday, March 25, 2007

Will Post For Money

I apologize to all 3 of you who read this on a regular basis. I've been going non-stop since my return from Colorado and my meeting. I managed to take an hour and create photography books for my 4 friends and I using my smack-tastic mac computer. If you don't have a mac, you're wac. That made no sense. The books should be shipped to my store some time this week.

Demolition began on my cafe this morning--we're rebuilding it as a Seattle's Best Cafe, run by Borders. I spent all of yesterday getting my cafe crew to remove all food, supplies, smallwares, etc from the cafe. I am taking pictures as the process moves along. It was 1am before I was able to get home and get to bed, and I had to be back at the store at 7am to meet the General Contractor and his demo team. They made short order (and a lot of noise) tearing out the counters, shelves, and basically gutting the front of the cafe down to the tile floor. Another company came in and removed all the big equipment. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how much bake cases and espresso machines cost. No, it's more than that...just trust me, you wouldn't believe me.

I am excruciatingly tired, and I have to be back at the store at 6am tomorrow morning. The process is actually going very smoothly, and in 3 weeks, we'll have an even more beautiful cafe to replace the beautiful cafe I already had. I am sleepy.

However!---last Thursday I took home my 40 inch Sony Bravia LCD HD TV that I won in the Sony Reader contest. I need to give a shout out to the 'Sony Guy' that I spoke to at Vendor Expo in Colorado. I told him my store had won 3rd place in the contest, and that we'd all won MP3 players, and I had won a TV as well. He asked me if I had a blog, saying he'd read in someone's blog that they had placed in the contest. So.....BIG HOWDY to the Sony Guy!

The box this thing came in was huge, but I was able to put up one of the rear seats in my glorious car, and it slid in quite nicely. It did take me 10 minutes to drag/lift/pull it up to my 3rd floor apartment, however. I made a conscious choice not to look at the weight written on the box as I did so. It ended up being 33 kg, which is about 70 pounds, not very heavy really, but very awkward in the sense that I couldn't wrap my arms around any part of it to just dead lift it upstairs.

I went online and found an HD DVD player at amazon and bought it. Then I went to Best Buy and bought a nice receiver and set of home theater speakers. I was drunk with sleepiness by this time and had a heckuva time getting all the cords into all the right spots on the receiver. I still was missing one cord for the subwoofer, but I was able to pick that up today. Then I watched The Phantom Menace, in glorious surround sound with oops-my-neighbors-are-gonna-be-mad-at-me bass from the subwoofer.

I should be in bed right now. I'll try to post pictures and funny insights into my Colorado trip within the next couple of days.


jilly said...

Let me get on my soap box here:

all the borders near me switched to that seattle's best cafe crap. i hate it and now spend less time and money at the store. barnes and nobles is closer, so if i can, i go there. borders used to be perfect, i could find things, eat and drink at the cafe and use my nifty rewards card that was FREE. Now, there is nothing i can drink at the cafe, so i don't eat, and they re-arranged everything so i can't find anything. it pisses me off. barnes and nobles annoys me because their rewards card costs $25 a year (WTF?) and it's hard to find things there. all in all, i go in for the one thing i need and leave without spending the browse time i used to spend at either place and then end up spending less money.

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

Let me start by saying that I love Borders and will shop there even if there coffee isn't as good as what I can get elsewhere. I go to Borders for the books and the hot staff. (You laughed, right?)

Last year when I was shopping in Williams-Sonoma (Note to anyone who talks about this store, that what I just wrote is the correct name, it is not Williams AND Sonoma)and they had a professional style espresso machine that was $5,000.00. Since it was only professional "style", I imagine the real thing must be about double that. Am I close?

Hope you get a chance to come up for some air soon and post pictures of your trip. Take care.

PS. I am not Wac, I am just on a broken income (as opposed to a fixed one) and can't afford a Mac. So go ahead, make fun of us poor folks all you want, Ms. I got me a bunch of free stuff and can now afford to buy laptops and tiaras. (That one, you didn't laugh at, did you?)

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

I used there where I should have used their. I am very ashamed of that.