Thursday, November 16, 2006

Falling Trees of the Camping-Minded Sneezy Kitties

It's been very windy here for the past 24 hours. Very. Windy. So windy that while I was watching an episode of Stargate-SG1 on DVD this morning, a tree fell over into the parking lot. I heard it fall. It sounded like the roof was being torn off the building, and indeed there were some asphalt shingles on the ground as well.

The tree luckily didn't hit any cars (well, it might have grazed one car, I'm not exactly sure). I called the apartment complex office and left a message for them to send someone out immediately because the tree was block the entire drive way through the parking lot. Poor tree.

I live on the 3rd floor, which I hate btw, so I had a pretty decent line of sight to the poor guy who had to use a handsaw to break down the tree into removable pieces.

I was on vacation last week. I went camping for a couple of nights, and it was the first time for me to take my new Honda Element with me. The tent affixed to the car most excellently. Only a handful of people were at the campground, but all of them stopped by to ask me questions about the 'car with the tent on it'.

I didn't leave my campsite except to go to the restroom/shower house. If I wasn't sleeping in my car, I was lounging in my hammock or relaxing by my fire. The only thing I don't like about camping is the unavoidable 4am trip to the potty in 40 degree weather.

I think perhaps being a guy would be beneficial at times like those.

When I was camping, I boarded my kitty at the vet like I always do. On Sunday she began to sneeze, which at the time sounded like coughing to me. She was feeling very puny, poor kitty.

I scrambled and got her to the vet on Tuesday. Everyone knows me at this place. I'm in there several times a year to board Gracie, and I'm in there at least once a month to pick up her insulin and syringes.

Gracie has either a cold or a virus, and she got a shot to help with the fever, and I have to give her Amoxil in liquid dropper form twice a day. It's bright pink and very pretty. The vet thinks that an asymptomatic sick kitty was at the clinic at the same time that Gracie was there, and that's how she got sick.

So...he didn't charge me for the vet visit ($48), or the shot ($20-ish), so it just cost me $19 (the cost of the Amoxil). Gracie feels much better, though she's still sneezing a lot.

I was very worried about my precious kitty, so I'm glad she's on the mend.

Later on I'll write about all the cool stuff I bought for less than $3.00 on Tuesday.


emma said...

Sorry to hear about Gracie. Nesta had that cold thing when we first got her at the Humane Society but a little meds helped her out. Respighi...camping in 40 degree weather? What a woman!

Anonymous said...

You're a better man I am, although I do sleep with my window open (even in January).

Sounds like you had a very relaxing trip, good for you. Your description of the weeks prior to your trip indicated you really needed the break.

I hope your Gracie is feeling better.