Monday, July 10, 2006

Yellowstone/Glacier Trip, Part II

July 3 11:15am

I went to go horseback riding this morning, but therewereno openings. I'll stop by again this afternoon to reserve a time for Wednesday. I just had a spot of lunch and will probably grab a snack before headingover to Glacier Park Lodge for the red jammer bus tour that sets out at 1pm.

This morning I walked the length of Main Street in East Glacier,which is about a couple hundred yards long, and looked in the 2 shops thatwere open. I found a bottle of local beer for my boss, huckleberry coffeefor my family, and some postcards. The post office is at the opposite endof town, so I walked there to buy 3 postcard stamps and to mail the postcards.I didn't write messages on the ones I sent to my store and family. Postcardmessages always sound so contrived. I just wrote the address.

It'srather cloudy right now which will help keep things cool on the bus trip.I saw a Mexican restaurant on a side street here in town. The sign saidit is open 5-10pm. This ain't the big city, cowgirl.

I think I'll now back up and tell the events from the very beginning of the trip. --

Day1 was Thursday, June 29. I took Gracie to the vet first thing then returnedhome to pack the final few freshly laundered items, loaded all the preparedfood and bottles of frozen water into the ice chest, made sure the fish hadtheir feeding block in place, and left to pick up my friend.

We got on the road exactly when I planned which is a minor miracle when you have more than one person involved.

Iwould rather have taken this trip by myself, as I enjoy being alone on mylong drives and vacations, but it made much more economical sense to be ableto split the cost of gas and lodging. We have a third friend who wants togo on a trip with us sometime, but I don't know about that. Three peoplein my Element would be fine, but 3 people in a motel room that only has 2beds wouldn't be the height of comfort. My friends are dear people, butI'm not sharing a bed with them as though we were kids at a sleepover.

Thehusband of one of my friend's friends was a truck driver for many years,sohe gave us a few route options. I usually travel interstates as much aspossible, as they are the most efficient routes, but we were in no hurryto get up to Glacier, so we took a lot of U.S. Highways and State Highwaysinstead.

From Dallas we took I-35 north to Denton where we took380 west to US Hwy 287 north. At Childress, TX we took US Hwy 83 north. Afteran unusual detour which we happened to make because we were talking too muchand didn't see the left turnoff to continue on 83, we stopped in the verynorthern part of the Texas panhandle at dark.


***LadyMtnMedic*** said...

When you said huckleberry coffee I had to smile. I miss that. Huckleberries use to sell for $20 a gallon due to how hard it was to get up to where they grew...

UrbanStarGazer said...

Did you take all these picks yourself?

emma said...

gorgeous pictures

res said...

Urb, yes. I took all these pictures myself with my Nikon Coolpix 4600 digital camera that I bought last July. It does a nice job, doesn't it?