Sunday, August 15, 2010

Home Construction Photos

There were several years when I was growing up that were very very lean times. My Dad was working 3 or 4 jobs, and my Mom was working one and taking care of us kids. I know my Dad had to ask my Grandfather for loans a couple of times so they could make the house payment.

My parents worked their hind ends off to provide for the family, and I am forever grateful. I am also forever terrified that something will happen and I will find myself in financial distress. This is why I have been quite smart about saving money in myriad ways. Still, whenever I purchase anything...and I mean ANYTHING...whether it be a $1.25 soda or a $200 printer, I always think to myself, 'I shouldn't be buying this.'

And so, while I'm delighted and excited to be building my first home, I am equally (or even moreso) scared to death. It's a huge responsibility, and I have no one with whom to share the financial burden. I'm sure it is perfectly normal to feel this way, right?

Here are some photos I took yesterday when I drove by to check the progress. They've just begun work. I am scheduled to close on November 4th. We'll see if that actually happens.


vq said...

Jenny, a home is pretty much the safest place there is for your money. Stop worrying and start being proud and excited.

emma said...

Exciting times!

Spidey said...

so how is this all coming along?