Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Show Tonight

The show went ok on Friday night.  It was hot, the sun was bright, but we made it through, which is actually saying quite a bit considering everything that has stood in our way so far this year.  The crowd applauded where they were supposed to, and nobody fell over from the heat.  I played my solos well and was pleased with my marching.

Yesterday we rehearsed from 9am to 7:30pm, got a LOT accomplished, and I have a 1pm call time in Denton for our 2nd performance today.  We don't actually perform until 6:30pm.  Our show should be much better tonight because we got the first-show jitters out of the way and had that great rehearsal to clean up a lot of stuff.  It was fun to watch all the other corps perform.  It brings back memories of when I marched DCI in 92.  

If you want to join our unofficial corps mascot's facebook page, go search for Octopookie Vigilantes and send him a friend request.  I'll approve it and then you can see some of the silliness we're up to.  Octopookie is an octopus-shaped cookie that I bought from my store and brought to rehearsal one day in May.  I declared him to be the unofficial corps mascot, and the thing has exploded from there.  Octopookie attends rehearsals and performances and will travel with us.  He has lots of photos on facebook, so be sure to go on there and find him.  

Too funny.  Well, I need to get showered and ready to head off to Denton for this next show.  Have fun!

Also, here's a link to an article on us:  Vigilantes.  You'll have to scroll down for the bit on us.


Blank Field said...

Damn! It all sounds like it's close to being as much fun as playing golf with one's cronies! I'd link you to our Facebook 'golfknuts' page but it might spoil things for you.

Congrats on doing a fine job of blowing yer own horn!

vq said...

Sounds like you are having a ball! Or should I say a blast! :D