Monday, August 13, 2007

4 minutes, 28 seconds

This pertains to something that occurred today. Can you guess what it is?


Anonymous said...

i have no idea, but that's about how long it takes my microwave to defrost a pound of ground turkey.


CatBoy AKA Charles said...

That is how long it took you to get ready for work. I am very impressed at your speed, although there are some things that are better done slowly.

NO, I am not talking about sex, I was talking about cooking risotto.

If your title does not refer to your getting ready, then I am going to say it has to do with how long you talked to Wentworth before he got a restraining order against you.

You know, as often as he goes into your store, he may actually be interested in you. You better spend more time getting ready in the morning and it wouldn't kill you to put on a little perfume.

I think behind the knees is a nice touch, you never know when a nose could end up in that region. I'm not going into the particulars since I don't sniff and tell, but I have been adjacent to a nicely-scented knee before. (She was seven feet tall.)

How is the house looking going? Are you serious this time? I'm not looking at floor plans again, arranging furniture I have never even seen, if you aren't really going to do it.

I had way to much tea today.

Ooh, there's my squirrel, got to go give him a nut . . .

Martha said...

Speaking of nuts...*shakes head over Charles*

Anyhoo... That's how long it took you to:
...eject a particularly nasty person from your store?
...wait for the ladies' room?
...get through the toll booths?

I dunno. I'm done.

Jenny Robin said...

Martha, I have a toll tag, so no.

Cat, ummmmm......weirdo.

Jenny Robin said...

And the answer is....this is the length of my commute this morning...from turning on the ignition in my apartment parking lot, to turning it off on the 2nd floor of my parking garage at work.

You should envy me.

Anonymous said...

I certainly do, my commute is an hour and ten each way. - blu

spidey said...

i think i could probably get to work in that amount of time too. i will check this morning.

Martha said...

Mine used to be 2 minutes, door to door; I could walk it in 10. Now it takes me 15-20, and we only moved across town!

Anonymous said...

i stop working in june and don't go back until the last week in august (but they keep paying me!), and when i do go back, i only really have to work 35 hours a week over a period of 5 days. it's worth the 25 minute commute.

some days i really feel over paid, until someone's kid hits me witha desk.


***LadyMtnMedic*** said...

Takes about that long for me to brew my first pot of coffee in the morning.

Ha Ha my commute is less than yours and I walk. :-D PS Do you ever just walk to work being that it is that close?

UrbanStarGazer said...

Sheesh. Mine is 4 hours . . . one way, twice a week. The other days it's an 1.25 hours.