Monday, June 11, 2007

Cats & Kangaroos

The top picture is of my Gracie kitty. She is deathly afraid of the camera--a true Scaredy Cat--so I have to sneak up on her while she is sleeping to snap a pic. She woke up during this one. She is lying on her 'bed' which consists of a catnip filled cat pad on top of an old folded up comforter.

The second picture is of a fluffy white kitty named Casper whose Mom is my very good friend. Casper has just dipped his paw into the remains of my spiced tea. Mmmmm, tasty.
On to the Kangaroos part of things...

I should actually say KangaROOS, as I am speaking of the shoes here. I told my staff yesterday that I would wear fun power socks and wicked cool shoes to work for the rest of this week. I will post pics of my awesome shoes tomorrow.

My staff was very excited to see my bright orange socks and orange/lime green/yellow KangaROOS shoes today. I usually just wear sturdy work-appropriate black shoes to look professional. My shoes are super sales driving shoes, and so far they are earning their moniker. So I say pshaw to black shoes this feet are going to see more green, pink, red, orange, blue, yellow, and lavendar than they ever have before!

Tomorrow I plan on wearing my pink and green argyle cotton socks with my HOT pink ROOS. Damn, that'll be some good sales driving power right there, yes ma'am it will.

And I also train 3 new GMs starting tomorrow. Oh how quickly they will learn of my ROOS obsession, my Stargate interest, and my adoration of my fishies in their aquarium.

FYI, KangaROOS can be found at I probably have 8 pairs or so, but I bought them 2 summers ago when they were just $29.95 per pair, no tax, no shipping. Now the prices are in the $50-70 range. Crazy!


Anonymous said...

they look like sketchers but with a kangaroo on the side instead of an S. i can see $29.95 but not $50-$70. before i got pregnant, and got hillary clinton cankles for my troubles, i could buy shoes in the kid department. i got hot pink with yellow flowered nike's for $5 and lilac purple and light yellow flowered nike's for another $5. all the kids love my shoes and comment at length about them.


Anonymous said...

btw i forgot to say, gracie looks lovely as always. my problem with lily is that she likes to pose for the camera and i can't get a good real shot.


CatBoy AKA Charles said...

So I finally get to see a picture fo the cat you wanted me to pay child-support for. She's a beautiful cat, but she looks well enough fed, so I'm still not sending a check.

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

Yes, I know, typos . . .

UrbanStarGazer said...

That is one chubby (but cute) cat.